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Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2015 @ 7:46am by

Morning Staff:

I feel as DCinC that again this issue needs to be addressed to everyone.

We have repeatedly stated that if you're going to be absent to put yourself in LOA or ELOA and when you return to take yourself out of it. We have some that are on ELOA and are posting and many who are LOA / ELOA but no indication .

This make it frustrating to others as we wait to post on a JP and cannot move forward due to other absences and we are not aware.

I also recently looked at crew activity on the Four sites I am on and well there are quite a few crew who have not been posting or logged in, in over a month or more. I with the approval of our CinC will be sending emails telling the person we will either inactivate the character or remove them.

I know I have stated this repeatedly and it works for about two weeks but I am concerned that this Fleet is dying as we have lost so many people and we don't know if its because of what was posted above or other issues, but I really would hate to see this die. So please xna we step this up and please concider others if you have to rtal a leave of absence.

Thank you.

Admiral Jules Neral
DCinC - Juno Fleet


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