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Posted on Tue Aug 4th, 2015 @ 6:55pm by

Evening Juno Fleet:

A few weeks ago we posted in the OOC that everyone check in. If we didn't hear from you we would consider either one inactivating you or two terminating you and advancing those in your department who are still among us.

We will give you one more week to notify us if you want to remain or if we hear nothing then the actions above will be taken.

Those that will be affected are those that have not checked in, in the last 4 month or beyond.

So at this time if you have been posting and have character's you would like to see promoted, PM either myself or Alex on the position you seek to advance too.

Again we hate having to bring this up, but it's become an issue for sometime and we are heading into a new story line that I can bet is going to be active and many twists and wrenches.

We need people who want to post, to be active. Yes we know that RL comes first, and that some can only post once a week or two, but with no check ins or posting in over 4 months or more then that, to me, just proves you no longer care, want to participate or have just quit without notification.

So lets get back to what this site once was and get some of the other sites out of the mothballs and reactivate them again.

Thank you, to those who have stuck this out or returned to be a part of the Fleet again.

Admiral Jules Neral
CinC Juno Fleet (in character)
DCinC Juno Fleet (out of Character)


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