Posted on Thu Jul 28th, 2016 @ 11:31pm by Vice Admiral Josette Garafin

Staff of Juno Fleet

After long thought and with the recent lack of posting on the Fleet sites, which has been the norm for many years, I’ve made the decision that I am leaving the Fleet for good.
Yes I know I have left the fleet before and have come back, but not this time. I just can’t bring myself to stay when it seems I’m to only one posting and trying my best to keep this place afloat when Alex is absent.
I can only do some many side stories either in single posts or joint, but when I’ve got to wait weeks for the others to post I forget where I might have been wanting the story to go. Like now it seemed we were on a roll and then nothing.
I have a general idea, but when we seem to just get to where we should ALL be posting right and left because we are climaxing the story we fall dead in the water. All due to having to wait on someone to post their part, but we’ll go weeks with nothing, no by the way I’m having to go on LOA or ELOA, we just know nothing.
I’m not singling anyone out, we all do it, but it’s seems in the last few missions this is what happens. We start slow, then all of a sudden its posting daily sometimes hourly, then stop. No posting for a week or more and no idea who is on leave or just doesn’t care.
So I’m done. I’ve always been here posting whatever, but I’m not and can’t hold this place alone. So with a heavy heart, I’m leaving. I’ll put all my characters as NPC and anyone can use them or you can write them out, but I feel this site has finally met it’s end, what crew there is just has their RL to deal with and this Fleet has become a “Once in a while place to post here and there if I think about it.”
For those of you who have me as a friend on FB and you want to unfriend me fine, I’ll understand, my emails and will remain active for a while but the and will be deleted.
I’m sorry if this will upset many of you, but then it may not cause you’ll be glad I’m not bitching about this anymore, but I’m almost 60 and it’s time to move on and start checking off the items on my bucket list, since my Cancer put a warning in my head that I’m running out of time.
Farewell my Friends. I hope we can remain friends and keep in touch now and then.

Vice Admiral Josette Garafin (Nance in RL)



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