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Council Member Cynthia Marlisk

Name Cynthia Honi Marlisk Hon.

Position Civilian Oversight Chair

Rank Council Member

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 138

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 113lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Electric Blue
Physical Description Though ancient, she does not look frail; she can usually command all the attention in a room if needed, making her invaluable as a Diplomat. She has more successful negotiations under her belt then any other starfleet ambassador.


Spouse Robert Hatcher (Deceased)
Children Mark Hatcher (Deceased)
Father Sert Marlisk (Deceased)
Mother Bri Tuath (Deceased)
Brother(s) Conner Marlisk (Deceased)
Adrian Marlisk (Deceased)
Gunther Marlisk (Deceased)
Mark Marlisk (Deceased)
Sert Marlisk (Deceased)
Jaime Marlisk (Deceased)
Tyler Marlisk (Deceased)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Grandson: Jacob Ramsay (Deceased)
Great-Grandson: Patrick Ramsay (Lieutenant Commander)

Personality & Traits

General Overview No fear, that's her policy. She's old, strong, and plans on retiring when she's 125 so she can enjoy her (in her own words) "Twilight Years".
Strengths & Weaknesses Weakness: Her age; no matter how mentally powerful she is, nor how stubborn, she is still very old, she is not as physically strong as she used to be.

Strength: Pure experience.
Ambitions Retiring at 125
Hobbies & Interests A lot of things
Languages All of them

Personal History Cynthia signed up as a Diplomatic Aide when she was 17 (2319) and has been in the corps since then, having the longest active tenure as an Ambassador (90 years) in the United Federation of Planets and has handled more treaties then any other diplomat (392). In that time she managed to have Seven children. Of her children only one had a child. She has outlived even her Grandson (killed recently in shuttle accident with his wife), but keeps healthy contact with her great-grandson Patrick Ramsay, who is an officer in Juno Fleet's Science corps. She will be retiring soon due to her age.
Service Record 2319-Begins Service under Ambassador Oort
2321-Named Deputy Ambassador to Ferengi
2332-Promoted to Ambassador
2333-Named Chief Ambassador on Klingon Detachment
2339:2409-Various assignments
2409-Named Chief Ambassador on Anchorage Star Complex
2438-Named Chairperson of Juno Fleet Civilian Oversight Board