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Rear Admiral Kilam Richards

Name Kilam Lee Richards

Position Chief of Staff

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6'10"
Weight 225
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Baby Blue
Physical Description Tall. His hair is tied back in a tail to keep it out of his face. He has a basic beard that stays neatly trimmed. He has a scar on the right side of his face from a fight in his Academy days. He also walks with a limp on his left leg from an explosion that damaged his nerve endings on one of his earlier assignments.


Spouse Anne Richards (Wife of 23 years)
Children Elizabeth Hunter (Oldest 22)
Alicia Richards (Twin of Samuel 21)
Samuel Richards (Twin of Alicia 21)
Robert Richards (Youngest 19)
Father Fleet Admiral Robert Richards (Deceased) (
Mother Admiral Mary Richards (60)
Brother(s) Lieutenant Kamden Richards (Twin) - USS Diablos (Deceased) (37)
Sean Richards (37)
Sister(s) Elizabeth Fredricks (30)
Carey Robinson (38)
Other Family Annie Richards (Wife of Kamden)
Amanda Richards (Wife of Sean)
Phoebe Fredricks (Wife of Elizabeth)
Randy Robinson (Husband of Carey)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kilam is a strong person that voices his opinions and objections when he has them. He has gotten into trouble for this many times. He is a strict believer in the chain of command. Kilam is a person that will help his friends when they are feeling low.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kilam has always had an aptitude for starship construction and design. He has proposed many different design schematics for both starships and weapons.
Ambitions Kilam wants to become one of the more well known men in Starfleet. More specifically he wants to be known for his starship designs.
Hobbies & Interests Kilam loves sitting in his quarters coming up with ideas for different starship designs and for more precise weapons.
Languages Universal

Personal History 2392 - Born
2400 - Started schooling
2408 - SEC
2409 - Married Anne Zivway
2410 - Elizabeth Richards was born
2411 - Samuel Richards and Alicia Richards were born
2412 - Robert Richards dies in destruction of USS Paris
2413 - Robert Richards was born
2419 - Anne Richards has miscarriage
2428 - Elizabeth Richards marries Daniel Hunter
Service Record 2408 (16) - Accepted in Starfleet Engineering Corps
2410 (18) - Given authorization for Elite Engineering Corps
2412 (20) - Graduated from Starfleet Elite Engineering Corps
2412 (20) - Assigned to USS Odin for field training
2414 (22) - Accepted to Utopia Planetia Yards as Assistant Chief Builder
2415 (23) - Became Chief Builder at UPY
2417 (25) - Transferred to Engine Efficiency Squad
A squad that goes from starship to starship improving engines.
2418 (26) - Transferred to Earth Spacedock as Chief Engineer
2421 (29) - Transferred to DS9 as Chief Engineer
2424 (32) - Transferred to UPY as Starship Designer
2429 (37) - Applied to Junofleet as Director of Research and Development
2432 (40) - Promoted to Chief of Staff