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Commodore Samuel DeScott

Name Samuel Orion DeScott

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 402394

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 4''
Weight 142lbs
Hair Color Sandy Blonde
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description He has the build of a fighter pilot and the brains of an engineering prodogy. His eyes appear very ancient in contrast to his young features.


Spouse Annabell DeScott (Deceased)
Children James DeScott (21, Officer, Department of Temporal Investigations)
Luke DeScott (14, Aboard Enterprise)
Father Syots Desoral (Somehow Still alive)
Mother Aorna DeScott
Brother(s) Alexander DeScott
Sister(s) None
Other Family Peter DeScott (nephew)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Normally Quite nice, Very intelligent, and a great sense of Humor, when He's Angry his years in working with Klingons come out in his Fierce Attitude, Ruthless Tactics, and unconventional use of Transporters in Combat.
Strengths & Weaknesses Tactically and Strategically genius, he can handle almost all situations, his weakness is that he cannot quite quantify a situation; a broken door is equally important to an entire battlefleet. That being said, he has never lost a fight, and doesn't intend too.
Ambitions Unknown
Hobbies & Interests Samuel Builds Model starships, and has a habit of Collecting Trophies from Famous Battles he has fought in.
He also Designs Starships and Tinkers with Warp-Field Dynamics.
Languages all of them.

Personal History The DeScott family arrived in the Federation approx. Ten years after the Assimilation of their homeworld, El-Auria. They traded technical assistance for fighting the Borg and the other enemies of the Federation in return for full Immunity and an oath to help them avenge their people.

Ten years later Aleksandrov (Aleksi) DeScott was commissioned as a Vice Admiral and the Juno project was officially formed. Sam commanded the USS Voyager B for two months, until the experimental warp core he was using breached, igniting an entire field of Antimatter and destroying a small planet.

Samuel was Court Marshaled for Dereliction of Duty and was demoted from Captain to Lieutenant. He was "Cursed" to serve under his elder brother as asst. Director of Juno Fleet Production, and played a key role in the design of the Supreme class, primarily the USS Enterprise G. It became said that he spent more time with the ship then he did with his children, causing him to develop an intense hatred of it.

He served as her first Chief Engineer, and after two years, took command of the ship. During an evacuation near Romulan space, the Enterprise accidentally attacked a Romulan Transport, thinking it a trap, the resulting carnage left her disgraced and Juno Fleet command was forced to mothball the ship and her Commodore Commanding Officer.

Four years later, the Enterprise was recommissioned via "right of salvage" by Samuel and dispatched to engage the Dominion. After the assasination of Aleksandrov, Sam began attacking Federation shipping and ordered the ship to abandon her post. The Enterprise and her crew were hunted by the entire military might of Juno Fleet and engaged Admiral Neniphim near the southern borders of Juno space where the Enterprise took a direct hit from the legendary World Killer Device, which did extraordinary damage to the ship's neutronium armor plates and eventually led to her destruction.

After explaining his purpose, Samuel was absolved of wrongdoing by the Federation council and given command of the USS Enterprise H, the first "Carrier" Enterprise, which he commands now.
Service Record 6 Years on USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F, Rank from Ensign to Commander
4 Years at Starfleet R&D
2 months as Captain of USS Voyager NCC-74656-C
Demoted at Court Martial after Voyager C's Destruction
2 Years Anchorage Fleet Yards, Supreme Task Force.
2 Year Chief Engineer, USS Enterprise
(Promoted to Commodore)
6 Years USS Enterprise Commanding Officer
(Promoted to Rear Admrial)
Dominion Incident
(Enterprise G Destroyed)
Currently in command of USS Enterprise H, Hyperion class Battle Carrier