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Lieutenant Jessie Wolf

Name Jessie Ann-Marie Wolf

Position Traffic Control Tower Operator

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9''
Weight 173lbs
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A lifetime of eating right and spending her free time in the gym has given Jessie a powerful build with little doubt she could easily take most comers in one-on-one combat. She is rather timid though, keeping herself from truly exercising her strength.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Elijah Wolf
Mother Hannah Parsons-Wolf
Brother(s) Robin Wolf
Patrick Wolf
Darren Wolf
Sister(s) Rowen Wolf
Samantha Wolf
Other Family Federation President Jacob Aleister Wolf (Grandfather)
Admiral Alexander DeScott (Godfather/Grand-uncle)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Unless you read her file, you'd never know she was descendant from two of the most powerful men in the Federation. She has built her entire life on her own and her personality reflects that; she is very hard to deter, but also rarely speaks up in a crowd, preferring to not draw attention to herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses When absolutely necessary, she can call upon the power of her name, the Wolf clan has held extraordinary power in the federation for decades, mostly consolidated in the Military, which allows her certain freedoms others would not have.
Her weaknesses are a pathological fear that everyone only associates with her due to her powerful Grandfather and nearly as powerful godfather
Hobbies & Interests Jessie loves music and books, likes to sing, and enjoys collecting and restoring ancient paper books
Languages English, Bynar, Irish, Vulcan

Personal History Her family has been extremely influential in the Federation for the past hundred years, starting with Jacob Wolf's striking rise through Starfleet's ranks during the Dominion war. Her father is a sitting Federation Councilman, his mother a lead court judge, her grandmother the sister of the legendary Alexander DeScott, she could do anything she wanted.

She wanted to do it herself. Forsaking the patronage of her family, she put herself through the Academy, then managed to secure her posting at the Anchorage without ever mentioning her relation to the Admiral. To this day she operates in the station without his knowledge.
Service Record Juno Fleet Academy W/ Honors - 2418

Traffic Control Officer, JF Anchroage - 2419