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Civilian Darian Manashe

Name Darian "Viper" Manashe

Position Civilian

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6
Weight 145
Hair Color Reddish Chestnut
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description Slim but all muscle, His hair is long and mostly worn in a tail, His hands are rough from Farming and a past he'd like to not follow him. His eyes are so dark blue they seem black at times and his face is handsome but on a slight rugged side and a slight cleft chin


Personality & Traits

General Overview Darian is Irish though he has no idea who his parents are. His name is one he made up with the help of a brother and sister lead gang in his home of Ireland. When the Neral's disappeared when he was all but 5 he stayed with the others then eventually took over as the leader.

As times passed he left the group and became a mercenary and became an assassin. But when he accidentally killed a young girl. He questioned his life, he decided to leave that life and grabbed a cargo ship headed to a distant colony and began a new life as a farmer and humanitarian.
Strengths & Weaknesses Fears one day someone will learn who and what he had once been. Also in his line of life he had to make people believe he preferred women when it was men he preferred.
Ambitions To one day find someone who toke him for who is is and not the monster he had once been
Languages Federation English, Romulin, and a few others

Personal History His birth mother left him to die when he was born, but he had been discovered by a priest and taken into an orphanage where when he was 5 ran away and hooked up with the gang that was run by the Neral's who named him Darian Manashe.

But he had only been there 6 months when the Neral's had disappeared. He stayed with the gang and eventually became one of it's leaders

But as the years past being a petty thief did nothing for him til he met a man who taught him the life of a mercenary and the money he would rake in. He did well then eventually trained to be a highly paid assassin.

It was during an assignment that he was to take out a highly ranked Cardassian Senator, that just as he took the shot a young girl stepped into the line of fire, the shot killing her instantly.

So distraught for what he had done Darian who had never used his real name and at that time had worn his hair short and bleached grabbed a transport cargo ship and went to find a place to begin a new life.

It had taken a year to get to the outpost he had decided to live a place of farmers with very little technology. Having let his hair grow long the bleached parts having been long removed Darian took on the life of a farmer and a humanitarian and sat on the small council in the small village he had come into after wandering the planet for another year before he found a place to settle.
Service Record DeScott this is the character we spoke of this morning. Doe DeScott after the Machiavellian