The King, The Director, and The Admiral

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Kaiser - the mysterious and unknown master agent of Section 31, has taken control of several cells of the now defunct organization and is wielding them towards Juno Fleet to eradicate the fleet and the federation to suit his xenophobic, human supremacy point of view.

His first step was crippling, the Arkangael has been destroyed by a massive antimatter explosion and every member of the Senior Staff now knows they are a target...

Star Trek; Juno Fleet

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Over the past six months the Federation has been drenched in blood, both from within and without.

The Resurrection of Admiral DeScott has complicated things at the Anchorage at the wrong time; Dominion forces are amassing outside of Anchorage space, the Klingon offensive has begun to inch closer, and RAcq Project #189 has been activated, Exploration of the Singularity at the core of Site 42.

Part of Season 1; The Cutting Edge of Science

An Awfully Big Adventure...

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With the death of Admiral Aleksandrov DeScott and the defeats at Kailea, the Anchorage Complex has become the last major Juno Fleet facility to remain functional after the Dominion blitz attack. Now under a new commander, the mothballed fleet has to be run out, the defenses must be primed, and somebody has to rotate the Acquisition boys at Site 42 for some shore leave...

Just Another Day in the Anchorage!

Part of Season 1; The Cutting Edge of Science

Just Another Day in the Fleet

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Two years have passed since the death of Admiral DeScott, and as it is want to do, time has continued on. Juno Fleet Anchorage has been rebuilt and is almost fully functional, her engineers are once again tackling the problems of the future without worrying about their labs blowing up. It looks like things are quieting down...

Part of Season 10


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Character development and side posts until the return of the Admiralty.

Part of Intermission

Mind of a Madman

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Admiral DeScott has been badly injured and is now in a self-induced Coma that could kill him... some people need to get inside his head and drag him out.

Part of Season 1; The Cutting Edge of Science

Fall of the Titan

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Something is rotting in the heart of Juno Fleet; the Admiral is still not himself, officers have been killed in the line of duty, and a sudden breach of the firewalls that protect the Anchorage's data have left the complex and most of Juno Fleet without subspace communication.

Admiral DeScott's mind has been overtaken by the Machiavellian, a twisted aspect of his own personality that is determined to bring the federation crashing down... And the list of people who can stop him is dwindling quickly.

Part of Season 1; The Cutting Edge of Science