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Scanning the Skys

Posted on Thu May 5th, 2016 @ 7:17am by


My Squadrons are tired, we have been patrolling the skies so to speak twenty four / seven. Looking for signs and excessive more activities of trade traffic and such around the parameters of Anchorage.

So far all has been normal other than a small altercation with a Cardassian freighter. I'm sure I'll get called on the carpet for the amount of credits we had to give to fix their piece of junk they called a freighter, more liked a jeri-rigged transport. But then scavengers are scavengers. Though we did board her to be sure they had nothing out of the ordinary including hidden compartments. Thank R&D with the new scanner that can pick up any hidden heat signature of layout of hidden places.

I know there is a lot of stress and anxiety amongst the pilots. We've been working hard and waiting for when that one ship, transport or freighter will be the real deal and all hell breaks loose. Each time a squadron gets ready to go out I have the Chaplin come and talk to each one. Never thought I'd see a Chaplin that knew almost every known religion with the diversity of pilots I have, but I am thankful he's here.

So far all has been well and the area's we are covering are at some distance for some but we have to be diligent. We must patrol every nook and cranny of Anchorage. we cannot let noting, I mean nothing get by us. So we step on a few political toes, surely they would do the same if they had the same unrest we are having and one of their beloved Admirals or what assassinated.

stretches and sighs heavily

I've not slept much , still having nightmares of the asteroid base where they found Neral and seeing it first hand. The funeral for Neral was tough but that scene was a hundred times worse. Why anyone would assassinate such a fair and good person I'll never comprehend.

I'm not sure yet what I think of Vice Admiral Josette Garafin, she seems like a tough one, more stubborn than Neral ever was. Though she's a tiny one, she has spitfire to be sure. Vice Admiral Gallant has his hands full with that one, or who ever takes Neral's place.

Glancing at his chrono Damn its two am and I've patrol in four hours. Best see if sleep will come or it will be forty eight hours with 4 hours of one hour naps. Might see if the Doc has something to help me sleep.



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