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Posted on Thu May 5th, 2016 @ 7:49pm by Civilian Jeneva Slayton & Vice Admiral Tyrus Gallant

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Gallant's Office
Timeline: shortly after getting settled in.

Jeneva had finally gotten her things all sorted out and put away. There were still several containers untouched stacked in a closet. They contained the materials and supplies she would need to set up her office, workstation. The Fleet had been very specific about what tools and hardware she could bring, and more specific about the things she could not. She would have to find a way to reacquire some of those things, though not Fleet approved, they made her job a lot easier.

Glancing at the clock, she decided that she still might have time to catch Vice Admiral Gallant in his office. Picking up a PADD, she turned it on, "Computer please show Vice Admiral Gallant's office, and display quickest route."

*Route has been calculated. Would you like audio directions, or shall I display on the PADD you presently hold?*

"Transfer to the PADD please.", Jeneva requested.

*Directions have been sent to the PADD. Is there anything else you require Mrs. Slayton?*

Glancing at the route now marked out on the PADD for her, Jeneva turned and headed towards the door. "Thank you and no, that will be all for now." Jeneva was glad she had the route marked out. By the looks of it, she would have probably gotten herself lost for hours if she hadn't.

***Gallant's Office***

Jeneva had actually made good time, it had taken her only 20 minutes to get to her destination. Stepping into the outer office, "Mrs. Slayton to see Vice Admiral Gallant please.", Jeneva said as she stopped in front of a desk.

Lieutenant Grizman looked at the civilian and raised an eyebrow, "The Vice Admiral is particularly busy right now trying to kill someone, may I take a message?"

Not sure how to take that statement, Jeneva wasn't even sure she had heard it right. "I'm sorry, did you say 'trying to kill someone'?", she asked as she tilted her head slightly to the left and her right eyebrow raising slightly.

"I think I was quite clear..." Grizman started, but was interrupted by the door swishing open and Tyrus stepping out, "Mrs. Slayton, I wasn't expecting to see you for a few hours at least..."

"The ship I was on arrived a half day early, and I apologize for not letting you know I had Sir. I was greeted by one Mr. S'Tebak, who informed me that he was at my disposal until I get more familiar with the stations layout, and he guided me straight to my temporary quarters until a family suite becomes available." Jeneva said as she held out a hand.

"Of course, we need to get your biometrics installed into PASCAL's subroutines." Tyrus looked at Grizman and snapped his fingers,

"We're backed up, seventeen hundred new staff, it'll take two days, The Admiral prioritized a few hundred specialist technicians and it screwed up the whole system." Grizman stood up and handed a PADD to Jeneva, "Need you to sign here please."

Taking the PADD, she glanced over it, "I will presume this isn't a typical non-disclosure form, and there is fine print that will someday bite me in the backside." Jeneva signed where she needed to, then handed it back. "As well as a consent for the bioscan?"

"You have no idea. Anchorage makes the bleeding edge of fringe science look like the back of the knife. We were designing neural circuitry when the rest of the federation was barely starting to use bioneural gelpacks." Tyrus pressed his thumb to the PADD which recorded his signature, "We've dealt with incursions from Undine, Borg, Cardassian, Dominion, Romulan, and Klingon forces, the system is a fortress, but the information stored here could alter the balance of power in the galaxy, and we're not interested in that."

Tyrus handed the PADD to Grizman, who placed it on his desk, "Medical can give her a temporary biotag that will get her around,"

"Then we'll head to the Medical Station." Tyrus motioned to the door, "We can talk on the way."

"I understand." Jeneva replied as she turned and exited the office. Glancing first one way, then the other, she guessed the best way would be the lift that she had taken here. She turned right, took a few steps and then paused waiting for Tyrus.

"Transit Dock Alpha," Tyrus motioned down the hall, quickly catching up with Jeneva, "Most of the stations and planets are connected with transit shuttles, Anchor's particular blend of solar radiation makes repeated transportation a few percentage points riskier than normal, so we prefer personnel use the regular shuttles."

Transit Dock Alpha was a cavernous room with an open wall, filled with small 5-10 person shuttles and three large transit shuttles. On the far side of the dock two heavy cargo shuttles were being loaded with crates with yellow hazard indicators.

"The little shuttles are specialty, you need to reserve them in advance or be important enough to trump the list. Most people just use the regular transits. There are fifty in the Anchorage and they can move three hundred people comfortably, five hundred if nobody sits down." Tyrus motioned to a stairwell down into the dock, "We'll be taking a private shuttle today."

Jeneva studied the shuttle area, guessing she would be using them frequently to get to job areas where her needs would be required. Catching Tyrus's motion towards the steps in her peripheral vision, she turned and headed down. "I am guessing that my work though vital, isn't enough to garner trumping the list." This was more of a statement then a question, but is she read Tyrus right, he would answer in some fashion anyways.

"You usually need more than one star to get on the fast track." Tyrus smiled, "Shall we?"

The stairway twisted upon it self in a moderately comfortable spiral that was open on the sides so one could see onto the lower deck. Jeneva could see one of the Harbor Masters tending to a shuttle that appeared to be prepped for use. "I will presume we are using that one over there then?"

Tyrus nodded, "That's my shuttle, I like green." He motioned towards the matte green colored hull, "Admiral DeScott's is hot pink. Don't even ask him why."

Stepping of the last step, Jeneva glanced at the aforementioned pink shuttle. Oh, she could venture a guess as to why, she had heard things about the Admiral and his off-duty life style.

As the two approached the shuttle, the Harbormaster glanced up and stepped to the side. "She's all primed and ready Admiral. You have priority status as soon as you are ready to leave."

"Thank you James," Tyrus motioned to Jeneva. "Step aboard please,"

Jeneva entered the shuttle and found the seats were a bit over extravagant. These Juno heads seemed to be full of them selves at times, then there were times they did a 180 on you and seemed normal. Finding a seat a bit farther back from the door, she took a seat and buckled herself in.

The shuttle departed a moment later and before any time really passed, it pulled into another hangar bay.

"Anchorage Medical," Tyrus said as he left the cockpit, "Let's not keep the doctor waiting."

Unbucking, Jeneva fell instep next to Tyrus as they exited the shuttle and headed to one of the offices. "I am discovering the system is larger and more complex then I anticipated. How many separate stations and facilities does Juno comprise of then?"

"Including stations on planets, around thirty five." Tyrus tapped the TCARS panel on the side of the hallway, "Outside the core complex, there are a few dozen outposts and stations, then there are the Traffic Control towers."

Jeneva glanced at the screen, she didn't have a photographic memory, but she got the general layout and locations of installations. If she was going to be doing computer diagnostics across Juno, she knew she would need to have a general idea of where they all were. "How far is it by shuttle from one end to the other? I like to plan my days as best I can a week or so out, sans emergencies. If it's going to take me half a day by shuttle to get to one end, I'd like to be able to plan a day or so of work on that end to save on travel and downtime."

"You won't be going to the fringes. Zero's location is classified and nobody wants to do work near Frank. Half the technicians that operate there end up insane after a few weeks, the other half think the black hole is talking to them, there's a strange sort of religion out there, only Alex understands them." Tyrus shivered for a second, "And the planetary outposts have their own specialists. No you will be working on the orbital outposts. Prime, Medical, and the Plants. The longest transit would be an hour during the busiest times, and fifteen minutes outside of rushes."

"Good to hear." Jeneva glanced down the corridor, "Are we almost there, I really would like to get the medical part done with if we can."

"Clinical services are to the left, I need to speak to the chief medical officer," Tyrus handed over a PADD, "Here's your medical order requisition, just hand it to the attendant. Do automated drones make you uncomfortable?"

Taking the PADD, Jeneva glanced in the direction Tyrus indicated. "I've done some small home-style dabbling with bots and drones." Redirecting her attention to the Vice Admiral, "They don't bother me at all, just a machine following its computer coding. Are we done then, or do you require me to see you again once I'm through here?"

"Good, because I think the aesthetics department went way to far on the 'terrifying nightmare robot' side of the design scale with the medidrone." Gallant looked at the clinical ward and shivered, "I'll meet you in the commons after this, I don't wanna go through that again until my physical in three months."

"Understood Sir." Jeneva caught the Vice Admiral's shiver, and made her wonder if she shouldn't be a bit more worried. She then headed down the short corridor and through the door. Inside she handed the Tech the PADD.


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