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And So It Begins - Part II

Posted on Tue Jun 21st, 2016 @ 12:52pm by Fleet Admiral Alexander DeScott & Commodore Samuel DeScott & James DeScott & Civilian Darian Manashe

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral

Previously -
The DeScott clan has gathered at the behest of Lucian DeScott to deal with a series of dreams they've all been having, including Pandora, the infamous villain that has plagued the fleet for years. The Q Continuum, a traditionally paradoxical location, is starting to unravel, and it is revealed that the continuum is being maintained by a machine built by Alex DeScott prior to the fall of Auria. The exact wherabouts of the machine are theorized to be deep in Borg Space, but a deeper problem lies in the fact that to solve the problem, to answer the equation and find the "Q Solution" one more DeScott must be present: Syots Desoral,

However, the only way to release the dark DeScott from his prison in the heart of a dead planet, orbiting the event horizon of a black hole, the majority of the family must decide to release him...

"Yes," Alex tapped his desk, "Pandora, you were called here because you're one of us, do you intend to help?"


"One of you? by name and blood but mind hardly. However this effects all of us and so I'll help for the DeScott cause, but know Alexander when this is said and done, you, Sam and Neral are mine." Seeing the one called Darian step towards her

"Try it Alex's pet, but know we DeScott's don't die easily and you'd be dead before you took another step." Smiling, the scar on her face making her more sinister looking.

"Bite me Pandora," Alex snapped, his teeth showing in a snarl, "You lost a hundred times now, you're only embarrassing yourself at this point. 'oh look at me, i'm dangerous...'" As Alex spoke the room darkened and the lights flickered. The hull of the station seemed to groan in pain as the raw power of Alex's mind lashed out at Pandora, "You failed, Syots failed. Nobody will be yours but yourself, so drop it!" His voice dropped low with his last words, "For once be on the winning side, help us genuinely or I swear this time you won't survive opposing me."

Pandora didn't feel threatened and she had her own agenda but she would place that on hold. 'What ever brother, but fine. what so you need me to do." Also in the back of her mind she would take care of the pet of Alex.

"You know where Syots hid the research into the Continuum code, the research he continued after the destruction of Auria," Alex kept his eyes locked with hers, "I don't care where his labs are, I need the research. Bring it here,"

Pandora laughed and with a flick of her hand. "You mean this. Why do you need it? What is so important? Syot's said never to give it to you or Sam. So what is it?" flicking her hand again and it disappeared. Staring back at Alex. He needed her and the disk she had, and if he wanted games she could play just as dirty as he did, after all was not Auria destroyed because of Sam and him,

Ro still could not understand why the boys put up with Pandora. They had all thought Jules had killed her and the poor girl paid for it too the nasty tribunal and isolation and suspension. To bad Jules had not really killed the bitch off. Hopefully Alex will when this is all said and done. Ro thought.

"Alex so what is the plan, I've friends still friends in Special Ops / 31 in my unit there and we can throw a diversion for you, but we need to get this ball moving so to speak, luv." Darius said caressing Alex's arm.

"If we do not help, the Continuum could fail, and the universe as we know it could end, or nothing will happen. I don't know," Alex said calmly, "However at the end of the day, we need my father's research, and that means we need him,"

Sam's jaw slid down slightly, "You're not proposing we let him out?"

"We might have to. He's the only one who knows more about continuum technology than me." Alex nodded, "even though releasing him, even temporarily, could lead to his return to the universe at large..."

Pandora smiled. "Bring Daddy back, what a wonderful idea, but your just as nuts as he is. we all know since he was locked up life has been good for us mostly me." Then rubbed her hands together. Least Daddy understood her.

"Oh hell no!" Ro demanded. "Alex you cannot be serious, you let that monster out then we may as well go ahead and let the universe end now. You know he'll find someway to remain free and wreak havoc and kill us all who locked him up in the first place, and his main target will be you and Neral."

"You can't" Luke glared at his father, "You cannot do this, he needs to stay there, after what he did to us? To me? you cannot consider this..."

"Luke you have no idea what you're talking about." Alex stood beside his brother, "You can barely remember your grandfather, let alone know what he did,"

"I have felt it!" Luke shouted, losing his temper completely, "I know everything! I stood on the gates of Argatha and saw everything that scum did to everyone."

"He's right dad," James stood beside Luke.

Peter watched and realized he was seeing the future of his family in this fight. The DeScott's of Auria wanted to do what they always did, roll the hard six and release a true monster because of the good it could do, and the DeScott's of the Federation wanted to use restraint. It was the difference between generations, separated by thousands of years, and their ideas of sacrifice. He started to speak up when the fight abruptly ended with Luke and James leaving the room.

"Well, this is a pickle..." Q whistled, "...without Luke, you can't open the prison."

"What?" Peter looked at his father, then to Q, "Tell me what that means,"

"It means we made the prison to lock Syots Desoral up, and only someone able to completely resist his influence over the DeScott line could be entrusted with the keys to the prison." Q stood and brushed off his uniform, "So, we looked through history, and the only DeScott strong enough to stare the old bastard in the eye and still punch him in the face is Luke. So we used his genetic fingerprint to seal Syots in suspended animation. Only Lukes hand, willingly placed on the access panel, can release him,"

"This will have to be resolved later, what's the status of the Continuum?" Alex seemed resigned to their failure, "I can begin running simulations and see if we can predict what will happen,"

"We're losing our power," Q motioned to his family, "I mean, we're still mostly all powerful, but we're a little less now."

Ro sighed in relief. At least one of her sons could stand up to Soyts. She was however concerned about her sons. "Excuse me a moment, I wish to make sure Luke is alright." Leaving and finding the two in the corridor. "-Luke are you all right?" Hoping for once he'd not shun her. Ro loved her sons to the ends of the universe no matter how they treated her. Blood was blood no matter what.

Luke stepped back, avoiding contact with his mother, "I'm not doing it."

"Lucian, Mom's not here too..." James started, but Luke cut him off,

"No, she'll side with them eventually, they all will. But not me." Luke's eyes could cut diamond, "I will not let him out."

A part of Ro died again inside as Luke backed away from her. How could she ever get them to trust her again one hundred percent. Lease James tolerated her if he had too, but Luke. Sighing. "Lucius." Using his christian name. "I am not the enemy nor the evil queen. I'm your mother who would die for you. However I don't want Syot's released either. I wish he had rotted in hell, for what he has done to this family and Matthew."

Taking a step towards her beloved youngest child and laid a gentle hand on his arm. "Hun, I'm with you, I'll not join them. I can't. I am with you all the way. If I could I'd take you to where that monster lays and have you destroy him once and for all time. But I don't know where he is. I was never privy to it. Perhaps because they, Alex and Sam knows I'd destroy that man myself."

"You're lying." Luke sneered, "You know why we cant kill him, and eventually you'll decide it's better to let him go. It's logical,"

Luke bolted, running down the hallway and disappearing into the warren of corridors.

James stood there with Ro and sighed, "He's growing up, I think he's dating that Draconian at the academy, and I'm pretty sure he's gonna get more unstable for the next few years as he reaches maturity. You weren't around for mine, I sorta shot dad, twice."

"Excuse me? You shot you're Dad twice? Oh dear god." Ro said shaking her head. James." placing her hand on his arm. "I meant what I said to Luke. I'll kill that old bastard myself if given the chance. How can I get Luke to see that. I am on his side. Syots ruined all of our lives. True, the ElAurians more, but I once and still do love your father and I recall his dreams and so forth that Syots brought on.

"You never dealt with it, you were gone before I got to that age," James sighed, "El-Aurians make human puberty look subtle, we're closer to Klingons,"

"I know and if I could turn back time and had been there for you boys instead of being in the lowest pit I could be in, until Wolfe and Your Uncle Matt, pulled me out and then began to renew my career. But you boys were taken in by your father and brother by that time. I regret not tracking you down and fighting for you." Ro said softly. "So even though I die inside each time you or Luke shun me, I know you have every right to hate me, though I do wonder why Sam never tried to contact me to give me visiting rights. You do know your Dad and I are still legally wed?" Ro said as she stared down the hall where Luke had fled.

"We can't change the past Mom." James sighed, "Give Luke time, and I know you and dad are still married, but I know you haven't been together in decades."

"I know. I don't know why we never filed the papers, He said I could when I was aboard the Enterprise, but I just cannot do it. Maybe once Luke is better and sees me as who I am and not his enemy. I don't know." Sighing herself. "Go after your brother, I'll head back to the gathering, though why I don't know I'm not really needed or wanted."

"You aren't one of us, but you are. It's weird." James sighed, "You remind them that decisions have consequences, they prefer to forget that."

"I will." Ro said then pulled James to her and kissed his cheek. "Thank you," taking her leave and went back to the others.

Entering the room, "Not sure what I missed but I'm to tell you that decisions have consequences. I think that was how James put it.?

Alex glared at her, then stormed out.

Sam rolled his eyes, "I've got a Gala to get too near earth," He rubbed his temples, "We can look into this more later,"

"Then we are through." Ro said with a sadness in her voice, turned and walked out.


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