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Too Late

Posted on Mon Apr 4th, 2016 @ 6:46am by Vice Admiral Josette Garafin & Vice Admiral Tyrus Gallant & Rear Admiral Kilam Richards

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral

Josette learned where Tyrus, Kilam, Julie and Drake were and headed to the conference room. Arriving a few minutes later she entered as one man was stating his point.

"Gallant we've been getting a beacon at the abandoned base Zulu, my gut says to where we'll find Admiral Neral. Permission to take my squad and investigate." Drake said heatedly, eager to hopefully save Neral.

"Calm down Mr Magellan, if this debrief wasn't so important you'd still be in DeCon." Tyrus still held Alex's cane, he had two diagnostic units attached to it now and information was flashing across his tricorder, "Any other information besides a random beacon and a gut feeling?"

"Excuse me, Vice Admiral Tyrus Gallant? " Josette said with authority. Though she was only 5 foot 2, her stature said otherwise. Her plaited platinum tail draped over her shoulder, her strange silvery blue eyes looking at each one in the room.

Tyrus spun around and, with an imperceptibly fast movement, removed a weapon from the holster on his hip and had it charged and pointed directly at the intruder,

"State your name, now." Tyrus' voice was low and harsh and he was quite careful to stand between the newcomer and the rest of the officers,

Placing her hands up, "Stand down Vice Admiral Gallant, I'm not the enemy, I want Jules back as much as you do. I am Vice Admiral Josette Garafin newly sent here by Command and have this for you. Reaching out with the PADD, that stated she was the new replacement as they learned by the grapevine Jules had been terminated, but that news was being investigated.

"I suggest you put down the weapon and let Commander Magellan go to the base as my gut tells me Jules is there." Jo Jo said lowering her other arm and took a slight defensive stance.

Kilam raised his eyebrow at what just occurred. "Jules told us about her in her message. I recommend that we follow her advice Tyrus."

"So Jules knew I was coming. Then it's no secret she had put in her resignation, but now she's been taken. Seems to me this seems to be all tied together or purely coincidental." Jo Jo said more as a statement. "Gallant?" She said holding the padd and moving it some to get his attention.

Tyrus' gaze didn't move, and he didn't lower the weapon. Every instinct forced him to be suspicious.

Unbeknownst to all in the room, the beacon was flagging the fleet and the life of Admiral Jules Neral had been terminated. Before anyone from Anchorage could have been sent to look a message came in from Starfleet.

=A= Excuse me Vice Admiral Tyrus Gallant and Rear Admiral Kilam Richards, we've just received word that Admiral Neral has been located. Sirs, Admiral Neral was found dead, there was nothing they could do to save her.

Tyrus finally lowered the weapon. He set it against the table and looked down at the CIC's primary control panel.

Kilam's eyes gaped open in surprise.

Drake crossed himself and said a pair in Spanish, Josette gasped, then tapped her combadge. =A= This is Vice Admiral Josette Garafin, please have someone send us the full report. We're in the command conference room.=a= looking to the others. "Gentlemen? "

"This is going to be leaving the fleet in shambles. It seems that whoever takes the mantle of CinC is always killed." Kilam said thinking of the fleet. While Jules had been a friend of his as Chief of Staff it was the members of the fleet that had to be his main concern. "If we keep this news secret from the fleet then it would sow seeds of destruction and despair. We are going to need to have councilor's available at a moments notice to anyone who needs them."

"But we still need the fleet to see that we are strong despite this loss. I'm recommending that a new CinC be put in place before any of us leave here today."

"I believe that would temporarily fall to Tyrus and what is in the contents of this PADD" that Josette held, feeling all of their pain, except possibly Tyrus, she knew he had not cared much for the late Admiral.

Kilam's eyes narrowed. He did not know if he trusted Gallant fully. There had been many questions that had been raised about him. Questions that were never completely answered. But Kilam also knew that he did not want the responsibility of becoming the CinC. That was something he had never even had his eyes on. Unfortunately Tyrus and Kilam were the only two Admiral's left.

Kilam's eyes switched to Josette and the PADD that she carried. It would all depend upon that single PADD with Jules' last orders on it. "Tyrus, take the PADD and read it already."

Tyrus' knuckles were white as he gripped the control table, "I killed her."

"Wait..What?!" Josette said. "What do you mean you killed her? Tyrus you are shocked from reports of her apparent death and you look tired as hell, Stop with this and sit and calm yourself."

"I recruited Jaochaim to Section 31." Tyrus said coldly, "Jaochaim took the codename Kaiser. So I, in essence, killed her."

"No. No you didn't. Zeke Paden was not part of Section 31 or affiliated in any way. Yes someone paid him to kill Neral but he was working for someone else." Drake said knowing the truth about Zeke.

"You know this how?" Josette asked arching a brow

Drake stood to his full height on the defensive. "I knew him years ago before he turned to crime and then informant."

"You seem to associate with people who seem to kill top fleet personnel Commander. Why is that. You were friends with Commander Kyr who killed Rear Admiral Holden, now this man who has killed Neral..." Jo Jo said insinuating.

"You're wrong Garafin, though Holden and I had differences in opinions, we were friends. I warned him of Kyr. As for Neral, I asked to stay when she took over as CinC. My loyalties are here and to this base." Drake's voice low and menacing.

"Drake has been vetted by my best agents." Tyrus snapped, "And Paden might not have been an agent, but the death of Neral was planned, and he would not have been able to execute his abduction without the openings Kaiser's people made in our security."

Gallant leaned against the table, facing the group of officers, "A few decades ago, the section lost its way. We once served to protect the federation and the fleet using whatever means necessary, but long ago we absorbed the remnants of Terra Prime, and those roots have finally born fruit, the section no longer looked to protect the federation, but viewed humanity as the supreme species. President Wolf worked to end the section once and for all, and his forces effectively crushed the central directorate, but there were hundreds of cells and thousands of individual agents that continued their work despite the loss of our leadership. I did not take this well and attempted to assassinate President Wolf, but Admiral DeScott managed to stop me. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say my beliefs are no longer so religious, and my followers believe in the true mission of Section 31." He pushed himself off the table and straightened his tunic, "I worked under his orders to consolidate as many cells and agents as I could into a working agency again. Jaochaim has done the same, finding those who believe his philosophy, and now he has turned his sights on Juno Fleet, the brain-child of an alien, one of the most powerful military forces in the galaxy, and therefore a powerful stabilizer. Take away that stabilization, and watch the people become afraid. Fear is what his faction, his twisted beliefs, feed off of. We cannot allow this."

"Very well. Gallant if you ever decide to read the PADD, you'll find that you are the temporary CinC, Richards and I temporary DCinC's, Waters as Chief of Staff. So what are the plans til we find a new CinC? We need to end this rogue military faction, have a proper burial for Neral and possibly DeScott, since we can only assume he is once and for all deceased." Josette mentioned as the again held the PADD to Gallant.

"They succeeded in their primary objective..." Gallant took the PADD, "...we cannot undo what they've done, but we can figure out their next moves, and hopefully their end game, Kaiser's forces will be redeploying for his next assault, so we have time." Gallant nodded, "Arrange services for Neral, we will hold off on DeScott until we have his body, and have confirmed he's really dead. Several times." Tyrus smiled, "Cause I know nobody here honestly thinks that man is dead."

"On that I will agree with you Tyrus." Kilam said.

"Alright then so be it. Josette stated. "Oh by the way Tyrus you and I need to talk later, but for now we need to make plans."


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