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meeting the other halfs.

Posted on Mon May 23rd, 2016 @ 10:42pm by Major Kyushichi Soga & Petty Officer 2nd Class Okumura Kumi
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Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: ten forward

The group had commandeered a large booth sat in a back corner, away from everyone else, so any noise they generated wouldn't bother or be a distraction to other patrons.

Soga sat so he could see the entrance and spot Maris and his girlfriend when they entered. Kumi sat to his right, with Vance and then Kendrick. Britteny sat at the other end. Four bottles sat on the table, Shrah, Bacardi Black Label, Shochu, and Sake'. Not knowing what the late arrivals would be drinking, he didn't try to anticipate and would get them something when they arrived.

Maris and Nekota entered Ten Forward, both holding three large bottles. Two were Jamesons, two were Aleksi DeScott's private stock of vodka, and two bottles of his own private stock of Jack Daniel's 'Gentlemen Jack'.

"Where do you think they'll be?" Nekota asked then noticed where Maris was looking.

"There." Maris nodded in the direction of the large group in a secluded corner. Placing his free hand to the small of Nekota's back he led her to the tables.

Soga rose as the two approached, and took a bottle from each of them. "Not sure if either or both of you already know Vance, Kendrick, and Britteny from the Corp.", gesturing across the three with his chin as he set the bottles down on the table.

The three of them lifted their glasses in acknowledgement of the two. "Glad you both could make it.", Britteny said as she slid over closer to Kendrick so the two could sit.

"And this,", Soga said taking Kumi's hand as she slid out of the booth to stand next to him, "This is Kumi, she works in Operations. Kumi, this is Maris and...." Soga let the sentence trail off so Maris could introduce his lady.

Maris chuckled, "What Soga you don't remember Nekota. She was the little scrawny imp that followed us on the Marine Planet. You remember, the pigtails and glasses?"

"Hi Soga. Looks like I filled out and had my eyes fixed. Caught my Maris's eye." Nekota said blushing and smacked Maris's arm.

"A pleasure" Maris said taking Kumi's hand and brought it to his lips bowing slightly and brushed his lips across her knuckles. "Should you tire of this oaf...." Glancing to Soga, then laughed.

Kumi nodded her head slightly, not really paying attention to Maris to much. What caught her attention was Nekota's eyes. "My apologies Nekota, but are your eyes naturally that color, or medically altered as Soga's were? They are such a lovely shade of violet."

Soga took a double take look at Nekota, trying to recall the woman. Then as a look of recognition swept across his face, he turned back to Maris. "I'm guessing she doesn't know you're the one that set her up and got her in trouble with de Vitry over the 'lost' tactical gear, and later with Jungen himself over being at the wrong location to pick him up her first day and only day of being his driver?"

"Nekota, it is a pleasure to see you again, and yes, you've developed nicely from that scrawny imp into a beautiful woman that surely Maris doesn't deserve." Soga was about to say more, but Kumi smacked him semi hard.

"Eyes for me only there tough guy." Kumi let out a slight chuckle as she took Nekota's hand and guided her into the booth and sat next to her. "You two boy's can just sit on that side."

The other three had been watching with amusement, and laughed out loud at Kumi's response. Vance leaned towards Soga as he took a seat and slipped in next to him. Whispering none to quietly to ensure Kumi heard him, "She's a whip you know, you should of stuck to chasing Britteny me thinks."

"I heard that Vance!", Kumi said as she shot Vance an evil but playful glance.

Vance put his hands up in surrender and sat back up, "Just sayin', he had options."

Nekota smiled at the antics, she was used to it. "To answer your question Kumi, my eyes are natural. Apparently within every generation of my family, a child is born with this black go hair and violet eyes. It's apparently from a gypsy ancestor. I am apparently the chosen one between my cousins and me. As my family is normally fair haired and blueish Hazel colored eyes."

Britteny looked at Nekota's black hair and Maris's white hair. "Geez if Maris and Nekota ever had kids, one I am sure would have Cruella Deville hair." Laughing.

Nekota looked at Maris and blushed, as Maris caught her look and laughed along with Britteny. "That would be interesting." Then poured his girl the vodka she so liked, and some Jameson for himself.

Soga loudly whispered back, "There are some cultures where a male is known to take multiple mates."

"OH!, Now I'm a mate huh?", Kumi shot back as she kicked Soga under the table.

"Maris, your supposed to have my back, sit down and defend me." Soga joked as he felt a sharp pain in his shin, then looked to Vance, "I'm going to be paying for that one tonight I'm sure."

"Only on duty buddy, only on duty." Maris said as he slid in next to Soga, knowing his friend knew he was joking, he had always had Soga's back from the beginning. Getting his own kick in the leg from Nekota. "Ouch"

"Now you're in the dog house too." Kendrick said as he took a drink of his Shrah. Then turned to Vance, "Glad we don't fight like that."

Vance had been lipooking at Nekota's outfit. She had on what looked like layers of skirts in blues yellows and greens. A pale yellow peasant style blouse and a matching head scarf that matched the skirt the tail is the scarf as long as her hair. "Nekota what kind of clothing are you wearing?"

"It's the clothing of my ancestors the gypsies, this is what the women wear. i like it when I get a chance to feel feminine than our everyday uniforms." Nekota replied beaming, proud of her heritage.

"Soga, how did you meet Maris? I joined shortly after you two met and we'll he won't say and said I should ask you." Nekota said shyly.

Having not shared the experience with Kumi yet, he hesitated slightly before answering as he took Kumi's hand in his. "It was about a week before your arrival. A Second Lieutenant by the name of Dakoda Mantana took the two of us hostage for a brief period. She had been pushed to the brink of mental instability. Dakoda became more and more agitated over a few days. Her unjust, at least in her mind, removal from the Enterprise because of something to do with Major Jo'Rek and Commodore Samuel DeScott. She got sent to Anchorage to watch and document someone. Then she was assigned to monitor a group of recruits and investigate the murder of Colonel Jensen Hyperion. She lost it when she felt all she was being used for was to keep an eye on the recruits."

"I remember, poor woman lost her life proving Aleksi DeScott was a killer and it proved her a hero after death. But what Soga is not saying is we really became friends when I caught an assassin bullet." Maris said.

Nekota shuddered slightly, then began to absently rub her arm, briefly revealing a tattoo that resembled Maris's brotherhood one.

Soga caught sight of Nekota's tattoo before she covered it back up. He recognized it, or at least some of it. Had she been part of this organization he had talked about back at boot camp? He would ask Maris next time they were alone.

Maris had noticed that Soga had seen the tat on Nekota's arm, though it took him sometime to learn the truth of it, he was glad she had not ever been part of the brotherhood and never would. It was still too dangerous.

Seeing the blank look on Soga's face. Don't you remember or are ye gettin tae auld boyo?" Maris said in his fathers Irish. We were in the woods and we heard the shot. I was behind you and we realized this was a real bullet not a phasor, but from an old twentieth Century rifle.

"I do recall, and you survived." Soga winked at Nekota as he continued, "Perhaps I shouldn't have saved your butt with all the trouble you've caused me since."

"Perhaps, but look at all the fun we had too. Besides I still make a better sparring partner. " Maris said putting has arm around his friends shoulder.

"Soga I don't remember, but has he always been so full of himself." Nekota asked as she, Kumi and Britteny giggled.

"Always.", Soga sighed.

***Several hours later***

Britteny had left half an hour ago. Vance and Kendrick were half in the bag, and had moved to a nearby booth that was a little more secluded. Kumi had slid over next to Soga, making room for Maris to switch sides and sit next to Nekota.

Kumi's head rested on Soga's shoulder, her right hand on his chest. "I'm so glad I finally got the chance to meet both of you."

"The same milady, and should the squire do you wrong then this knight shall defend your honor." Maris said slightly bowing to Kumi.

Nekota hugged Maris, kissing his cheek. "Now you know why I fell for him. Kumi I hope that someday soon we can maybe go shopping or something. Soga it was good seeing you again."

"Good to see you to Nekota." Soga smiled before turning to face Maris and gave a slight wink, "Keep your paws to your own Lady, or I'll have to take them off during our next sparring match."

"I would like that a lot Nekota. Nice to finally put faces to the names he's always babbling about." Kumi gave a slight bow with her head.

"Well I've an early call as does Nekota. I've a holodeck training. Goodnight you two." Maris said rising holding out his arm shaking Soga's hand in the way of the brotherhood. Helping Nekota to her feet, he led her out, his arm about her shoulder.

"Shall we retire to your quarters my love?" Kumi asked Soga as she pressed her head back into his shoulder.


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