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Plans - The Deciding Factor

Posted on Wed Apr 13th, 2016 @ 7:07am by Vice Admiral Josette Garafin & Vice Admiral Tyrus Gallant & Rear Admiral Kilam Richards & Commodore Samuel DeScott & Commodore Julie Waters

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Command central
Timeline: After Neral's Funeral

Josette was the first to arrive. Plans needed to be made to stop these rebels and quickly before they lost another of the top brass. =A=Vice Admiral Gallant, Rear Admiral Richards and Commodore Waters, please report to Command Central immediately. =A=

Julie appeared in a blue haze, "You did say immediately Admiral." She had been sat in her Ready Room reading a report when the call came through and knew how long the trip would have taken normally.

Kilam came walking in a moment later. "I was already on my way here."

Josetta laughed a little. "Good to see some are punctual, can't say so for others, then tapping her comm again =A=Commodore Samuel DeScott, if you are still here please report to Command Central immediately.=A=

Tyrus and Sam entered together, in what appeared to be a heated argument,

"...king certifiable just like Alex was, if you think I'm gonna go along with some little hat trick like that you've got another thing coming." The tone of Sam's voice made the cut-off words meaning abundantly clear, he was clearly furious about something, he turned and glared at Josette, "Do you have any idea what he is thinking about?"

"You've been bait before, why are you so sensitive about it this time?" Tyrus sighed, rubbing his brow, "Seriously are all DeScott's madmen?"

"Mad? Am I mad? You're the leader of a F..." the loud hiss as the door closed obscured his words, " speciest fanatical organization. The last human I knew with ideas as powerful as that was Adolf Hitler, and we both know what he did. And now you're all powerful... You do know I'm technically an alien, right?"

"Yes, for the love of god I know you're a damned alien." Tyrus' eyes rolled, "will you please shut up. I'm not the man who joined The Section, but right now I don't care I still want to shoot you in the face."

"Bring it pumpkin," Sam spat and the two men looked like they were about to draw their phasers on each other when Sam suddenly cocked a smile, "So, was that convincing enough?"

"Downright charming Sam," Tyrus extended his hand and the two shook, "Though you didn't need to use the profanity, especially near the educational annex, there were children there,"

"I told you I don't filter angry," Sam sighed and looked at Richards and Garafin, "Sorry, Bossman here has a plan, you're all gonna hate it."

"I can just imagine." Jo Jo said rolling her eyes upwards. "Pray Tyrus what is this plan mon ami." Her Tone giving them a feeling Jules was speaking through Josette.

"Kaiser wants to hurt us more, specifically he needs to lure me out and kill me so he can have undisputed command of the Section and use it to end Juno Fleet. I'm not sure what his end game is yet, but I know he wants Juno out of the picture. it's the brainchild of an alien, he cannot stand that." Tyrus motioned to Sam, "But he's already shown a huge bais against the DeScott family, and if we put the Enterprise out alone, I believe we can lure him out."

"The gist is I need to storm out of here and make a clear sign of dissension. The E and myself have a reputation for going rogue when the rules don't suit us," Sam tapped the strategic ops screen and moved the Enterprise to an area several light years out of the usual shipping lanes, "I'll move there, run fighter ops, and we'll act like we're actively ignoring repeated orders from the fleet HQ."

"The Enterprise is a big threat, I believe it will draw out the bulk of Kaiser's strength." Tyrus looked at the screen, "as we speak, we will begin placing secured elements in the area, so if the Enterprise gets hit hard, we can offer a response."

"I can keep the Diablos here with its slipstream drive powered and ready, we can be at that location within a few minutes when the signal arises" Julie stood forward slightly and looked to the Admiral's. "We may not be as big a threat as the Enterprise but we are able to hold our own in a fight and we can assist."

"Negative Commodore." Kilam said looking at Julie. "From my reports you have three crew members on a mission at Deep Space Nine. All of them may be in danger as members of this fleet. They are your first priority."

"My flagship has returned to Anchorage and has restored her systems to a functional setting. Not to mention that our drive's particles have been replenished enough to make a decent sized jump. I would recommend that my ship be on the standby to assist the Enterprise. We can make it there quicker than any other ship and still have the teeth to match anything they throw at us with the Enterprise there as well." It was also a fact that Kilam wanted some payback for trying to kill him. And for the condition that he had had to leave his ship in.

"I'd say you both need to go, but Commodore Waters I think your bring here will have more impact on these rebels. How many times have they tried to destroy the Diablos and yet she survives. It's her captains. Neral before you, now you. Sam, Tyrus, what do you think?" Josette asked looking at the pair.

"Actually Diablos is exactly the ship we'd send after Enterprise." Tyrus lifted his eyebrows, "Hell, might as well have her take a few potshots at the Enterprise to make it seem like he's gone true-blue DeScott."

"Actually yeah," Sam shrugged, "When Kaiser moves in, Diablos will perform a microwarp maneuver and cloak up." He pointed to a very specific point on the display, "Right here."

"Precisely there, please." Tyrus looked at Waters with a very careful gaze, "There are other machinations at work here, it is important that everyone follow these plans."

Julie pressed a key on the PADD she was carrying to copy the information from the monitor. "Understood" She replied, she made sure the information was securely downloaded then set the PADD down. "I need to inform my away team at DS9 to return to here rather than the Diablos, I can collect them later."

"Kiliam, you're ship will hang back here, provide cover for some..." Gallant smiled, "...maneuvers. No questions please."

"No questions for Kilam or are you meaning in general Tyrus?" Josette asked her head cocked and arms folded across her chest. "As I've a few or do we take it elsewhere?"

"I'm sure you, and I will answer a few of them, but if you'll forgive me, I'm compartmentalizing a good deal of information here, until we can resolve some leaks." Gallant shook his head and tapped his badge, "Mr. Tarsus, please report to the CIC."

Fifteen seconds later a man nobody in the room had seen before stepped in and saluted, "Director, you called?" The man's uniform was the solid black of a fleet counter-espionage agent, with four black pips in his collar,

"Captain, how many confirmed agents are we at?"

"Eighty seven. He really did a good job of placing people. Fifteen of them are class five, the rest are low-level information, we can take them into custody. The class five, well," Tarsus looked around and smiled, then tapped the weapon on his hip, "No other option, if they know they're compromised they could kill thousands."

"Miss Garafin here?" Gallant looked at Josette,

"Two members of her staff are dirty and there were seven different bugs in her personal effects," Tarsus bowed lightly to Josette, "But I am confident in saying shes clean, sir."

Tyrus smiled, "This is Fleet Captain Tarsus, head of Anchorage information security, one of the best counter espionage agents in the galaxy, and the only non-section agent I trust without a shred of doubt."

"Oh I know Tanner Tarsus very well," Sam snorted.

Tarsus cleared his throat awkwardly and looked down, "Anything else sir?"

Jo Jo stood up as tall as she could got a woman of 5'3 and the look on her face said she was the little spitfire she had been known to be. "You went through my things without permission and I'll be damned if I brought any of the bugs you claim you found. If they were planted, it was done after I arrived. How dare you! I can assure you that there is no possible way I brought them. I had no staff until I arrived here and two my personal things were with me when I left Commodore Saraphins home in the Baham...." falling silent

"Admiral, it is standard procedure for all high level members of Starfleet to be thoroughly investigated upon arrival. Juno is the center of technological development in Starfleet and we can't risk any information getting leaked out." Kilam said disturbed at what was proceeding. If there were that many agents that he didn't know about then he was not doing his job as he should. It was his duty to investigate all members of Juno fleet. No matter how temporarily they may be with them.

And he wasn't pleased about him and his ship being put on the backburner.

TBC in Plans - The Deciding Factor Part II


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