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What Can You Tell Me of Her

Posted on Wed Apr 20th, 2016 @ 5:29pm by Rear Admiral Kilam Richards

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Ten Forward
Timeline: After funeral

Maris had kissed his girl goodbye as she had to report for duty. Reaching Ten Forward in much need of a drink. He spotted the tall Klingon he remembered who spoke of his Aunt. "Excuse me Captain Rokis, Captain Maris Redker. You seemed to know a lot about my Aunt Admiral Neral. What more could you tell me about her, if you don't mind."

Darj looked up from where he was sitting. He had a glass of bloodwine sitting next to him. "Take a seat." He said motioning to the seat across from him. "What do you want to know about her?"

Maris took a seat, his bottle of Jules private stock of Irish whiskey. Pouring himself a glass. "Anything, everything. I have what she told me, but I want to know of her through the eyes of others who knew her or served under her before she was CinC. "

Darj smiled a small smile. "Jules always had something up her sleeve. Whether it was to surprise someone or it was in battle. She always placed her friends above herself and always took risks to ensure victory."

"She would often times come to me for council when she was unsure of what the right path was. It usually ended in a drink off though." He said with a small laugh. "In turn she was always the one that I would go to as well."

"Drink off eh, my father when he was feeling melancholy, said Jules, could drink anyone under the table except maybe a Scotsman, but she could give him a run for his money." Taking a long draw from his glass.

"How do you mean put others above herself, I've heard otherwise, but who is right? How did you two become good friends?" Maris asked hesitantly.

Darj looked up at Maris. "Any who say that Jules put herself above others is lying out their teeth. There was never a more respectable person than Jules." He said as he drank some more bloodwine.

"I'd have to say that it was on the Stealth that we became good friends. It's when our talks started and we began to grow closer. She would tell me about her family and in turn I would tell her about mine. We both had some horror stories and we embraced that in each other."

"Forgive me, I meant friends." Maris apologized. "The Stealth? I don't know of that dhip, is or was it destroyed? "

"The Stealth was an attachment to the Enterprise once upon a time. As its name suggests it was made for under the radar work. There was a low crew count on board but that also helped all of us grow closer as friends. The reason Jules was chosen as its CO is because of her intelligence background." Darj said.

"I can see that. She told me a lot of her life in Intel and dealing with her ex-husband. But was her command so short on the Stealth?" Maris asked as a frown creased his brow.

"Yes, it only lasted a few months. They placed her on a suspension and relieved her of command." Darj said with a slight laugh. "It wasn't her first time nor her last. She was always one to question authority if she felt that something was wrong with her orders."

"Must be a family trait, Da was the same as he moved up ranks and we'll I've come close, but nothing serious. Yet." Maris said with a smile.

"Captain Rokis, thank you for telling me more about her. I know now she was not the monster my Da said she was as well as her famly, Zen and Neniphim and those who didn't like her ethics. Is there anything you want to ask me?" Maris asked.

"I am glad that I could alleviate some of your worries." Darj said with a sigh. "I have no questions for you. Only a request, if you find someone that is spreading lies about Jules tell them what I have told you here today."

"I will Sir. I will. Thank you again." Maris said as he rose shook Rokis's hand and took his leave.


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