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Eulogy Part II

Posted on Wed Apr 20th, 2016 @ 5:03pm by Vice Admiral Josette Garafin & Vice Admiral Tyrus Gallant & Rear Admiral Kilam Richards & Commodore Samuel DeScott & Commodore James Adams & Major Kyushichi Soga & Petty Officer 2nd Class Okumura Kumi & James DeScott & Civilian Jeneva Slayton & Council Member Cynthia Marlisk Hon.

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Auditorium
Tags: RADM Kilam Richards as Darj


He reached the podium and locked eyes with the young woman, he spoke softer now, his words only for her, "This ceremony isn't for your mother, Zen. If it was, we'd have had it before she died, this ceremony is for you, for me, for everyone in this fleet, the words spoken here are memories, biased just as yours are by our experiences, but true enough as they stand." He extended his gloved hand to her and motioned towards the casket, "You need to tell her how you feel, then you need to forgive her, not for her, but for you,"

"Forgive her? For what, for not being there when I needed her most. For not being there when a daughter needs her mother. No, there is nothing to forgive. I know that what my father said about her was true. He was the only one who cared about me, other than Ryan, but he died and by your brothers hands. Only Dad and the people of the Home World ever cared. This is not for me as you say but to glorify this witch and the lies she suckered you all into." Zen said with conviction, then turned and spit on her mother's casket.


Sam moved faster than Zen and the spit hit him in the chest, he then reacted without thinking, but in retrospect he'd have done the same thing with an hour of careful planning: He slapped her across the face,

"I hoped you'd have some of her virtues, but you seem to only have her flaws. Just like her, you don't listen to anybody, even if reason itself, personified, stood before you and weighed out the merits of your words, you'd defy her." His eyes burned with anger, were he a dog his hackles would be up and his teeth bared. His very tone had most of the guards in the room instinctively moving their hands to their phasers, "Believe what you want, but I would tear the heart from my chest to go back in time and save her, if only because I know she'd charge into hell to save you, and you might just need that if you don't find it in yourself to be better."

Sam's hand was balled in a tight fist, but before anything else could be said or done, a hand appeared on his arm and another on Zen's; it was Luke.

"I know why you're hurting." Luke's voice was measured, this was the first time he'd spoken in proximity to his father since that night weeks ago, "She's gone, and you wanted to yell at her. You wanted to hurt her because she wasn't there, but you don't realize she was always there," He released Sam's hand, and the commodore stepped back, his expression shocked, "Just like my father has been for me, he's bad at showing it just like her. Both of them feel that in their bones that if they leave, if they falter on the line for even a moment, the nightmares and monsters from the edge of reality will pour in and destroy us. She died serving the one cause she knew would always protect you, and if she thought for one moment that it wouldn't, she'd have left this place to rot."

Luke looked at his father, "He meant it, this isn't for her. She is dead, she can't hear your words, or mine. This is for the fleet. To remember our Admiral, to mourn the loss of a friend, a colleague. A voice, once familiar, that will never be heard again. A mission failed. I'm sorry you'll never be able to reconcile, but I know she loved you more than anything."

James sat far in the back, rank removed and formal attire out the window. He was paying his last respects before hitting them with one more piece of bad news. Micheal Neniphim had died in his sleep, alone and mostly forgotten. Being buried on Earth in an old family plot, he had written in his will that he was not to receive a grand good bye or have anyone else but his daughters notified. Tara would be on her way soon to take up a position with the fleet where ever she was needed while James went to retirement and his family farm.

Soga glanced about the room looking for someone in particular, catching the Marine's eye, he then gave a slight gesture with his head. Several Marines slightly entered and took position along the outer wall of the auditorium next to Juno's security personnel.

Maris noticed Soga's nodd as did Nekota, though neither moved, they were on the ready. Maris thinking, This could get uglier than it already has. Zen my cousin what would you Da think of your behavior.

While all this was going on, Josette's secretary approached her and Richards. "Excuse me Vice Admiral Garafin. We just got word that Vice Admiral Michael Neniphim, has passed away in his sleep. Miss Zen's sister Tara Neniphim is on her way to the family home."

"Thank you Ensign Jost." Then turned to Richards. "Just what this poor girl needs, and not even there to be with him. Well Jules and Micheal's will be in hell together I am sure." Knowing their history. "Guess I better one go stop the spectical up there and in form Miss Neniphim of her father's death."

Sam was standing at the side of the casket, "I'm sorry Jules," He set his hand on the folded hands of the dead admiral, then he walked away from his son and her daughter, who were locked in silent stares.

"I'd hold off on that Josette, there are characters that have yet to reveal themselves. We should wait before we inform anyone of anything." Kilam said his eyes to the shadows. He still couldn't shake the feeling he had.

Darj stood up and walked slowly to the podium. "How dare you." He said looking straight at Zen. "Have you no honor? I have heard much about you Zen Neniphim (Correct last name?). Your mother often times spoke of you. The light that she put you in is a far better one than you deserve. You come here to a grieving of your mothers friends and family. To the grieving of the entire fleet because they all lost their Commander in Chief." Darj said with his usual growl.

"By doing this you insult the entire fleet!" Darj's yell reverberated the walls surrounding them. "Now step off your high horse and swallow your dammed pride! If you have gripes with your mother then settle them elsewhere! Not when the fleet grieves!" He finished as he visibly grew several inches taller. Those that knew him personally knew what followed if he did not calm himself.

Tara stepped through the doors, closing them before clearing her throat. "Mister Rokis, I could hear you from outside," she said as she calmly walked up the aisle, resting a hand on her younger sisters shoulder. "Care to step outside and go hand to hand to take care of some of that anger?"

"No. You'll just beat the crap out of me. As to these DeScott's, they say this crap but know I speak the....wait why are you here Tara? Jules meant nothing to you so I know you'd not be here for this spectical. What's going on?" Backing away from her sister cause the last time she showed she beat Zen's butt., for the crap she did to get. Into the Marines.

Josette approached the group cautiously. In a soft but very authoritive voice. "Tara Neniphim take your sister to my office and tell here why your here. I just learned. Commodore DeScott, please go with James. Mr. Rokis please return to your seat."

"No tell me now what is wrong with Dad?" Zen said, her body rigid and stance unmoving.

Darj looked about at everything that was going on. Following his superiors orders he sat next to Julie again and closed his eyes. His temperament should not have let loose like it just did. Especially in his position.

Kilam was still standing above everyone else. The spectacle that was happening could potentially be used to any ill willed individual. It was something that he needed to watch out for. He was hoping that it was just paranoia hitting him but he didn't feel assured of it.

Tara looked coldly at the woman who was attempting to boss her around before nodding imperceptibly to her mother not to decloak. No one needed to know her sisters namesake was here as well. "Zen, go to my quarters, I'll be there shortly after I talk to Uncle Alex and my Stepfather."

Josette Stared up at the woman spotted the attitude like she was better that her superiors. "If you're referring to Uncle Alex as Alex DeScott, that will be difficult to do as he is missing in action and/or presumed dead. The Arkangael was found shortly before Admiral Neral was taken and murdered, the ship had been obliterated. Little data was retrieved but no one survived."

Zen felt pain in her chest, something she'd never felt before. Uncle Alex dead? Mom dead, and something was wrong with Dad. her thoughts zipped through her head, the pain coming stronger. As another bout of pain hit, she gasped and went down to her knee. "Tara!" she gasped. "Some...thing... wrong my ...heart...."

Tara began cussing violently in Russian before ordering the computer to do an emergency transport to sickbay. "Did no one teach you it's polite to stay quiet in the presence of betters?" Walking past the person, she looked at Darj and everyone else.

Josette made a mental note to talk with Neniphim's superiors, then turned to the others after the Neniphim sisters were gone. "I am sorry to announce that Vice Admiral Michael Neniphim apparently passed away in his sleep this morning. This is indeed a sad day for the fleet, should you wish to say anything you may do so now."

What sort of place have I gotten myself and my family into here, Jeneva thought to herself.

***Sickbay ***

Zen was on the biobed as she continued to have pain in her chest that then moved to her neck and jaw. "Tara...please what's.....wrong with ...... Dad?" Gasping between breaths. "TARA!"

At that call for help Zen wet limp. Medical crews rushed Tara out and began working to find out what was happening with the young woman.

"Zen darling, it's time. Come be with you Dad and me. We can be a family once again. Uncle Lucifer and Ryan are here as well as Uncle Colton and Aunt Merewyn. Come child." Jules called as the people she mentions appeared behind her.

"Yes Mommy. But when did Daddy join you?" Zen asked as she rose and looked down at herself being worked on and seeing Tara looking onward dumbfounded.

"Your Dad came just a bit ago. Come Zeniada my baby." Taking Zen's hand who took her father's and the turned to the others and faded away.

"She gone." The Doctor said the looked to Tara, then walked away tapping his comm badge. =A= Vice Admiral Gallant I am informing you that Zen Neniphim had died. She is with her folks.=A=


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