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Plans - The Deciding Factor Part II

Posted on Thu Apr 21st, 2016 @ 6:48am by Vice Admiral Josette Garafin & Vice Admiral Tyrus Gallant & Rear Admiral Kilam Richards & Commodore Samuel DeScott & Commodore Julie Waters

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral


Jo Jo stood up as tall as she could got a woman of 5'3 and the look on her face said she was the little spitfire she had been known to be. "You went through my things without permission and I'll be damned if I brought any of the bugs you claim you found. If they were planted, it was done after I arrived. How dare you! I can assure you that there is no possible way I brought them. I had no staff until I arrived here and two my personal things were with me when I left Commodore Saraphins home in the Baham...." falling silent

"Admiral, it is standard procedure for all high level members of Starfleet to be thoroughly investigated upon arrival. Juno is the center of technological development in Starfleet and we can't risk any information getting leaked out." Kilam said disturbed at what was proceeding. If there were that many agents that he didn't know about then he was not doing his job as he should. It was his duty to investigate all members of Juno fleet. No matter how temporarily they may be with them.

And he wasn't pleased about him and his ship being put on the back burner.


JoJo looked at Kilam. "That might be procedure, however my personal affects are no matter to them." Looking at the other three. "I would have given permission to look had they asked as I've nothing to hide. Now I feel as if I have betrayed my life's blood, The Fleet. But be that as it may we need to decide who is going with whom and prepare as I've a feeling someone else possibly here in this room is the next target."

Tarsus cleared his throat, "No offense ma'am, but we clearly had a reason. You can ask Mr. Gallant here how skilled his agents are at planting devices, Kaiser's men are even more skilled, but I'm better. And you're what we in the intelligence business call, a very juicy target. If they had succeeded, they'd have access deep inside Anchorage subroutines," He handed Josette a PADD, "Here are the details of everything we located in your effects.."

"Every incoming piece of equipment is searched Vice Admiral," Tyrus was deep in thought at the strategic screen, "He's come after me directly, but the tools he used were not his best." He turned to Richards, "Rear Admiral Richards, you will bring your flagship to those coordinates and await orders. Waters and DeScott, Execute our plan, preferably as soon as you leave this room. Garafin, we need to discuss something in private, the rest of you have your orders."

"Yes we do Gallant." Then looking to Waters., as she pulled a piece of real paper from her pocket. "Commodore Waters, we found this note addressed to you from Admiral Neral's belongings, before you and Sam here leave in the largest argument ever as he was having with Gallant when he entered." Handing the note to Julie. It read.

Dear Julie:

I am hand writing this because there are many things going on and too many eyes. If you have received this note, it is because something has happened to me or I'm dead. I know you have proven worthy to me from our beginnings, but now comes your job to prove it to the rest of the Fleet. Do me proud, show them you are as good as I was and go by gut feelings instead of orders if you most. It always worked for me and apologize later. GO GET THEM TIGER. Jules.

Julie read the note twice and placed it in her tunic pocket. "Thank you Admiral."

"Ahem," Sam ran his hand through his hair a few times and winked at Tarsus, who blushed and promptly vanished through the doorway, "Shall we Julie?"

"Lets" Came Julie's reply. She took a deep breath and then turned to DeScott. "I'll order the Diablos to pursue to the edge of the system and we can fire some phaser shots over your aft quarter, nothing that will cause damage."

"Shoot all you want, we recently upgraded the ablative armor to technichum plate ablative armor, I pity whomever tries to ding that stuff," Sam cracked his neck and the furious expression returned to his face, "Bite me Gallant!" He shouted as he stormed out of the room

As the pair left Josette turned to Gallant. "So Tyrus what the hell is going on? I know you are hiding things, so give."

"There is an assassin on Diablos who will attempt to kill Waters in the next two hours," Gallant said coolly, "I also think Alex is there. He'd recently installed a transwarp beaming device on the Arkangael, and recurring scans of the ship show no el-aurian DNA in the wreckage. I can only assume he went to the once place he knew he'd be able to hide in range, and that was Diablos."

" Seriously? Does Julie know or are you letting her find out when the attempt is made?" Josette asked surprised. "As to Alex good plan but would he not be radioactive from what we learned when Magellan and his fighters located the wreckage. Also that would trigger alarms on the Diablos no?"

"Not if he deactivated them all." Tyrus shook his head, "He knows the Diablos better than even Neral did. And what would I tell Julie? Oh some random member of your crew is going to try and kill you sometime soon?"

"Why not, at least she won't be blindsided when it happens....wait. how do you know it will happen in the next two hours unless....." Josette said letting the assumption

"One of my best agents is aboard the Diablos, they recently informed me that an agent has possibly been compromised and has gone active. There is a very narrow window between this and terminating the target before the agent's actions will be noticed, so I can assume it'll be in the next few hours." Tyrus looked over the strategic layout of the fleet and sighed, "I have some defenses in place but I didn't have time to put more than two agents on Diablos. I hope one of them can save her."

"You better hope so or you know damn well Neral will come back and haunt you til the end of your days for letting her protege die." Josette said grimly.

"You think she won't haunt me for the rest of my life for failing her?" Tyrus said coldly, "Admiral Garafin, you are dismissed."

Josette Cocked a brow at his tone but nodded and left without another word.

Kilam had already left by the time Sam and Julie had. He arrived in the transporter room and had them beam him to his ship. Arriving on the bridge he shook his head. "Set a course for the coordinates that were received." He didn't like having to sit on the sidelines. His ship was meant to engage in battle. Having it sit by Anchorage seemed like a waste of resources.


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