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Up To Snuff

Posted on Wed Apr 20th, 2016 @ 5:26pm by Vice Admiral Josette Garafin

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Josette's Office
Timeline: After meeting with Gallant, Waters DeScott and Richards

Tre arrived with his escort to Vice Admiral Garafin's office. He needed the escort as he had yet to memorize the complex yet, but that would be a few more hours. It was good to beable to retain knowledge with just a few minutes of looking at a map. Rarely did it take more than that, all depending on the size of the area he was looking at.

As he entered the office he spotted with tiny woman speaking with her secretary. "Hey Little bit how are you doing ?"

Josette hear the low timber of a man she had not heard in years, but his endearment to her side had her turning sharply then simply walked into his embrace. The escort and secretary looking at each other in question.

Josette pulled back smiled and then lead Tre into her office and closed the door. "SEAMUS lock doors and silence room." She waited for the snide comeback, but nothing was forthcoming only a slight sound that she knew her requests were completed.

What's up JoJo, you never ask for me unless its very important." Tre asked as again he took her into her arms and held her close as a son did to his mother.

"All hell has broken loose as you know, I've a few people I'm a bit suspicious of. Admiral Gallant being one, but I cannot be sure. Right now he's hot and cold on his actions and it concerns me." Josette said as she pulled way from her sons embrace.

Moving to the small couch under a viewing window, she patted the seat next to her as she waited for Tre to sit next to her." Also apparently after I arrived and looked headed to a meeting with Anchorages Admiralty, I learn that Samuel DeScott had my office searched as well as my personal affects suspecting me of being a traitor bringing bugs and such."

"Mom you know any of us would have done the same being what is going on, so I can't fault them there." Tre said taking his mother's hand in his. "All I ask is be careful, know your surroundings and never trust anyone a hundred percent, including me." He said with a sly smile.

Josette smiled and chucked her son in the arm. "You scamp. But I'll be cautious. I do have orders for you though. Report to me anything you feel I should know and tell me everything Gallant asks of you. We need to be sure he is on the right side."

"Will do. But I better get going and report to Ol Tyrus. Have dinner with me tonight." Kissing his mother then took his leave.


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