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What Do You Know - Current Events

Posted on Sun Apr 24th, 2016 @ 6:52pm by Lieutenant Commander Russan Alket

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Intel CO Office

Cole had learned more now after speaking with his Mother Josette Garafin, though many didn't know the true meaning of their relationship. Returning to his office he looked at the roster and noticed there was a new member like himself.

=A=Lt. Commander Alket, could you come to my office Please=A= Cole said as he began going though the Padd's that had been left untouched, apparently after the previous Director disappeared.

Alket let out a sigh as he heard the call, he dispised the Federation but there was nothing left for him, no home on Cardassia, the Cardassian military he once knew was gone and he had no connections with his family. He was alone and Starfleet was his only chance at rebuilding his future. =A= On my way sir.=A= He left his quarters and took the nearest turbo lift, arriving at the Intel office a few minutes later. "Sir." Alket said with a nod as he stood at attention.

"At ease commander, I'm just as new here as you are." Tre said as he sipped his 2nd cup of java. "Help yourself to the replicator. Tell me what have you learned about who might behind these assassinations and assassination attempts on or top brass?" Watching and learning the eyes and facial expressions as well as movements of this man as well as the staff working through the open door.

"Nothing yet, just a few dead ends." Alket said, replicating himself a glass of Kanar. "Perhaps there's something I've overlooked. But either way I'll keep digging." He was studying Cole more intensely than a doctor trying to find a cure for the Terllian Plague.

Tre nodded, knowing he, himself was being scrutinized, by Alket. "What Do You Know Of Section 31, is it just a few malcontents starting this uprising or the group a whole"

"From what I can tell it's only a handful of them." The Cardassian took a swig of his drink before shaming his head "never as good as the real thing." Alket took a few steps in either direction, looking about the room as to try and hide his true motives of watching Cole. He knew he had no real reason to try and mask his surveillance of the man but he never passed up an opportunity to perfect his skills.

"Here." Tre said as he reached into the drawer next to him and pulled out a bottle of Kanar. " This might taste better. I aquired a taste for it in my youth. " still observing. "Good to hear it's not the bloody lot, a handful is easier to snuff out."

Alket picked up the bottle, a surprised look on his face, "A non Cardassian with a taste for Kanar? That's a first. I've heard it's been known to almost kill even some Cardassian light weights." Impressed, he poured a glass. "But you're right, as long as it's just a group of them, I think we should be alright. We do have our work cut out for us though." Tre seemed to be an interesting man and part of Alket was alright with working with him, although he's never make any intentional display of this notion.

Tre was a private man with maybe 5 close friends, but he preferred it that was after loosing a man who was his mentor and best friend. His hather, so rarely he let anyone get close, because in the end they died. "I'm French and German, so strong drinkI can handle. As to the handful, any ideas to round them up with little loss of life so we can find out the mastermind. Granted we will lose some including our own, it's part of the territory. "

"Decoys. They're after top brass so what we have to do is stage some sort of important conference and in attendance will be decoys of the senior staff of a number of ships as well as most, if not all of the top brass." Alket took a swig of the Kanar. "And amongst the decoys we plant a few agents. We need to make this big, however, otherwise we'll only attract a small number of them. Offer them up the opportunity of a life time, something that will require them to divert all their resources to this one conference."

"Sounds like a solid plan, however who do we trust of the top brass currently here to execute this event. Can any be trusted? " Tre said leaning forward.

"That's a good question. At this level of infiltration we are going to need the full weight of Juno Fleet, if not the Federeation as a whole. I would trust the CinC, we should also work closely with the security chief and the Marines. If there's one thing I was always taught to believe, it's that you can't trust anyone. You'd do well to remember that." Alket added as an afterthought. He took another swig of Kanar, eyes locked on Tre's eyes.

"I trust no one and I was raise to keep your friends closer but keep your enemies closer. Alright you talk to Gallant security, and I'll speak to Garafin and the marines." Tre said pretty much dismissing the man. "Oh let's meet up again I a week and discuss the plans. Dismissed."

Alket nodded and turned on his heels, leaving the room. Tre was officially the first human that Alket actually didn't hate with a burning passion, however he was far from comfortable around the man. He made his way to go work out the details.


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