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Again We Meet

Posted on Wed Jun 22nd, 2016 @ 10:26pm by Vice Admiral Tyrus Gallant

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Gallant's office
Timeline: A couple of hours meeting with Garafin

Tre finally found time to report to Gallant, having not seen him in ten years. "Captain Tre Cole reporting to Vice Admiral Gallant. I'm the temporary Director of Intelligence. " Tre said to the ensign at the outer office.

Tre wondered if Gallant remembered him. It had been 10 long years, since last they saw each other, back on Earth. It was some kind of black tie affair for the Federation.

"Mr. Cole the Admiral is in the CIC, three decks up in frame 72" Ensign Terren smiled at him, "His security detail will meet you there and escort you in."

Nodding Cole left, but not being quite familiar with the layout of the base got lodt. Twenty minutes later he met the Security detail. Though they had a bit of fun for his getting lost. "So where is Vice Admiral Gallant ?"

"Sorry, you'd be surprised at how often this sort of thing happens," Fleet Captain Tarsus said as he approached from behind, "Prime is pretty simple, you wanna see crazy you gotta go to the Scott station, that thing is a warren."

Tarsus set his hand on the access panel and the door chimed then opened, "You get your biometric signature set up yet?"

"Nope, haven't even been here 2 hours yet and it's been meeting with my counterpart Lt Commander Alket and Vice Admiral Garafin." Looking to Tarsus.

"They're peaches, I'm Tanner Tarsus, Fleet Captain and head of Anchorage Complex Information Security, I already know everything about you Mr. Cole, it's my job." He motioned to the door, "Shall we enter? The Director doesn't like fresh air too much and we are keeping the door open,"

"Excuse me? The Director? I thought I was meeting Vice Admiral Gallant? Mom, what have you been not telling me, Gallant is the enemy...wait.... Mom, Josette are you part of this. Alright bucko, you need to be on hight alert. Wish I had my own back up right now. Tre's thoughts wondering what vipers nest he just walked into, and was his mother involved too. Nodding he slowly entered the room.

"It's a nickname," Tarsus laughed,

"Tarsus do you have those dispatches I requested from your office?" Gallant sat in a chair at the large tactical display and sighed, then turned around, "Mr. Cole, how long have you been here?"

"Here as in two hours ago to Anchorage, but her to you just a couple of minutes. Ty what's going on? I'm sure I'm not the only one noticing the tension let alone the fear." Calling Tyrus by a nickname he had called him years ago.

"Hell on earth, Mr. Cole. Hell on earth." Tyrus handed over a PADD, "Read for yourself, both CinC's have been assassinated, only two of our senior commanders have survived the attempts on their life, and three of our most advanced starships have been destroyed or incapacitated, and now another DeScott has run off in the most powerful ship we have."

"I've heard some of it from JoJo, I mean Vice Admiral Garafin. But what's DeScott up to, but this may be a problem. I've gotten reports that one Captain Syn Khev is an enemy operative on the E and Lt Drakari on the Diablos. If those are in fact true. What do you know?" Cole asked watching the people in the room for any sign of what he didn't know.

"I know they're not Kaiser's agents," Gallant's eyes narrowed, "And I cannot believe Garafin would go behind my back and send that message without confirming the intelligence with me first,"

"Garafin knows her job and Intel. She either couldn't find you or what she had learned was too urgent. Sam just left here prior to my arrival, from what I hear the scene was intense. Mind filling me on that? I personally would have not warned him, but Mom knew more apparently." Slipping calling Garafin Mom.

"Right now the last thing we need is people stoking suspicion. It's hard enough to keep my agents secure and tracking Kaisers without a witch hunt developing." Tyrus' rubbed his forehead, "God I hate Alex so much right now."

"Maybe a witch hunt is what we need. We could use it to bring out the real enermy. Thoughts?" Tre said leaning forward. His eyes on Ty.

The strategic display flashed the Diablos's indicator. An officer appeared on screen, "Director, Caster reporting. Architect has completed mission. Kings Men are neutralized. Emperor Stands on the devil."

Tyrus' eyes went wide and his jaw dropped, "That little shit." he grabbed his glasses and pulled them on, "Caster get me eyes on Emperor, code white authorized,"

Castor saluted and the com signal vanished. Tyrus snapped at Tarsus, "Fifteen Black Unit guards ELRT to Diablos immediately, Alex is alive."

"Wait, how can that be? I saw the feed from Magellan's ship, there is no way anyone could have survived that. But what does he mean the king's men tell me there was not another attack on the Admiralty? Tre said as fear pumped through him, wondering if his mother, Josette was now in danger.

"Kaiser is King, Kings Men are his operatives. Diablos was infiltrated by several operatives, Architect is one of my most loyal men, Leo," Tyrus nodded, "He's the only person I trusted enough to take care of Waters. DeScott, well he's very hard to kill, if the various attempts on his life haven't proved, his cane was how I knew, it is designed to detect imminent threats and locate the nearest safe place to transport him."

"I saw the cane. JoJo showed me the video feed. But how would it know to place him on the Diablos, yet not be with DeScott?" Tre asked, this whole thing was getting more and more strange. Thank God he was only here temporarily. This place was an absolute loony bin.

"It's designed to protect him, not itself, and it finds the nearest location designated safe," Gallant blinked, "Why am I explaining this? The point is he's not dead, and we gotta keep plans on track."

"Alright but one other question. Why was I brought into this, I know partially because your current Director of Intelligence Nephalim is either MIA or whatever, but what are you wanting from me. You know that my time is limited and if it wasn't important the federation would not have sent me." Tre said leaning back and steepled his index fingers as he folded his hands and rested the steepled fingers on his lips.

"Mostly?" Tyrus looked at Tarsus who shrugged, "The Council doesn't like Juno Fleet going Cowboy, so they sent you here in hopes of us behaving, but as I learned two years ago, you cannot take the cowboy out of Juno Fleet, the minute you start trying to watch it, they lock you out of the room and go on shooting things."

"So I've learned. So what's the game plan boss?" Tre said in a southern drawl.

"Make the bad guys dead," Gallant smiled, "Please forgive me, protecting information is important right now,"

"Excuse me? As Director of Intel you really want to exclude me? Though I am sure I am capable of finding out, I'd rather not go that route. I'm not the enemy. You cannot do this on your own. Trust is a hard pill to swallow, but you need us all of us and trying to do this alone will destroy everything we are all trying to preserve." Tre said hotly.

Tyrus rolled his eyes and looked up, "Should the director of intelligence understand compartmentalization?" He shook his head and put his glasses onto the table, "We've been infiltrated by skilled agents operated by a lethal enemy. Section 31 agents follow the old KGB method of infiltrating counterespionage structures, Kaiser knows nearly all the moves we make outside of this room. So please, tell me your plans,"

"I know Compartmentalization, I'm not some green recruit. However why not send in Lt. Commander Alket. He is one of the best for Counterespionage. He's been bored send him on assignment, infiltrate Kaiser. Neral would have done so. We cannot be paranoid that these walls have ears Neral had a encrypted code that no one including Admiral DeScott could break. Lets start using it." Tre said leaning back in his chair and steeples his index fingers after clasping his hands.

"Neral was a cryptologist before she was forced into command," Tyrus shook his head, "Juno Fleet has always been run like this, space cowboys and frontiersmen, people who shouldn't be commanding anything put in charge of the safety of the federation."

"And your point? She was a good Commander, as was DeScott and now you. So we do what we must and move forward." Just then Tre was notified of Garafin's return. "Excuse me Ty, but seems Garafin and Richards have returned. Guess they will be called on the carpet." Rising and left to give his mother a heads up.


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