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What Can You Tell Me

Posted on Thu May 19th, 2016 @ 12:50pm by Vice Admiral Josette Garafin & Rear Admiral Kilam Richards

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Freedom Fighter

Josette was glad that the Freedom Fighter had not left yet. She wanted to talk to Rear Admiral Richards to learn anything he may know and see if she could also get him involved more besides the orders Gallant gave him. Josette had a plan and ulterior motive.

Arriving at the docks where the Freedom Fighter was docked she stared at the behemoth in awe. Never in her career had she seen anything this big and let alone the power she knew it had. She wondered what was hidden that only Richards knew. Tapping her comm. =A= Rear Admiral Richards, this is Vice Admiral Garafin, I'm on the dock near the Freedom Fighter. Permission to come aboard.=A=

=A= Granted Admiral. I will meet you in the transporter room. =A= Kilam said making his way to a turbolift.

Josette arrived in the transporter room smiling as Richards stood their awaiting for her. Stepping off of the transporter she this time realized that to her this man was a giant. He stoof well over six feet perhaps seven. I am so going to get a crick in my nect staring up to him. She thought then cursed her parents for making her so damn short. "Mr. Richards, thank you. I had not realized what a beauty of a ship the Freedom Fighter is. I would love a tour." Hoping he would oblige then she could bring up her thoughts and special assignment.

Kilam looked down at the woman and nodded his head. "Of course. The Freedom Fighter is a Khopesh class ship. The design came from my mind when I was still the Director of Research and Development." He said walking down the corridor. "I used to be assigned to Utopia Planetia yards as their head designer. As such I have seen many different ship schematics and capabilities. I used a lot of that to culminate the Freedom Fighter."

Facinated, Josette wondered why Gallant assigned the area he did to Richards, instead of sending him with the E. "I'm sure you have, and with such knowledge, then the Freedom Fighter would perhaps out shine DeScott's Arkangael?" Baiting before she enlightened him to her plan. Though Gallant would be mad at first he'd see she was not just a pretty face the director sent, but a woman with brains and knowledge almost if not better than him in some things.

Kilam nodded his head. He could tell that he was being bated. But even so he was interested in seeing where this would go. He wanted to see what this friend of Jules had up her sleeve.

"I believe that it would outshine most ships in this fleet. If not all of them. The offensive capabilities as well as the unique abilities of this ship makes any normal enemy seem like a shuttle and any of the big ships as a standard challenge. The only enemy ships that would pose a risk are the higher echelon Borg vessels and a select few Dominion ships. And even those threats are negligible."

"Glad to hear that." As Josette watched the people they passed make a wide birth, though were cordial enough to greet her and were more casual with calling Kilam by his given name. "Mr. Richards are your crew always this cordial and laxed in calling you by your given name?" She asked, she would know when to state her true motive of being there.

"I have it this way so that it relaxes the atmosphere. The Freedom Fighter is classified as a Warship. As such it can get stressful. Moreover I am part of the Admiralty board so that in itself seems imposing. The last thing that I want is for my crew to feel scared to approach me. It also helps to build bonds among the members of my ship." Kilam said nodding to the members that walked past as they arrived in the Engineering Room.

The room was massive. It could hold a Intrepid class starship in it with room to spare. "This is the center of my ship. It is what allows the standard warp drive to be initiated and the OSIRIS drive to jump us. Each separate drive is cut off from the others in case of emergencies I can seal the separate compartments to minimize the damage taken from any explosions." He said walking over to a massive octagonal form.

"This is where the omicron particles are stored for my OSIRIS drive. It can store a massive amount. While it isn't recommended if I use the entire allotment of it in one jump I can jump from Terra to roughly the Delta Quadrant. Although for a standard jump I use about 1% of what is stored and jump about the distance from Terra to Deep Space Nine. So a normal 10 day trip turns into a 10 second trip."

"Really? That's amazing. Then with that ability you could say get some one to one place then back without anyone knowing they were gone." Josette said as the beginnings of her plan was given.

Kilam raised his eyebrow. "Hypothetically, yes. The Freedom Fighter does have a limited stealth capability. But the further the distance needed to travel makes it harder to remain unnoticed."

"Mr. Richards is there some place that we can talk privately, possibly get a drink, because what I need to ask you we'll both need one or two." Josette asked quietly, glancing around. I hope hell agree and not tell Tyrus.

"Of course." Kilam said as he headed to the engineering turbolift. "My office will do that." He said as the turbolift came to a stop and opened showing Kilam's office. =A= Commander Prict, please keep all communications on standby for the moment. =A=

=A= Yes sir. =A= Came a voice over the COMM.

"Computer seal the doors and cut all communications from my office." He said as the computer chimed to confirm.

Kilam walked over to his desk and reached down for a half empty bottle. "How does a bottle of Scotch sound?" He said motioning to the couch. "This is one of my wife and my favorite brand. It was aged for two hundred years." He said sitting and grabbing two glasses from under the center table.

"That will do." Taking a seat next to Kilam. " Mr Richards, Kilam if I may. I need to get to Echelon Five. I need to get there fast and undetected, and I mean undetected. I also don't need Anchorage and Gallant finding out, as well as Captain Tre Cole of Intelligence."

Kilam sat back and thought for a moment. Echelon was a place he had heard of before but not for a very long time. Bringing up a holo screen Kilam had installed in his office he looked at the map.

"That is an old name that I haven't heard in a long time." He said scrolling to a portion of the map. "If I remember my history correctly it was a base for some old enemies of Juno. Before my time with the fleet even." Kilam said thinking. What would the Admiral need in a place like that. But this was a person that was entrusted to the fleet by Jules herself. And more so it was countered to Gallant's orders for sitting on the sidelines.

"I can get you there undetected. I won't even need to make any modifications to the Freedom Fighter. Jules sent you here and I feel that you would not go here without your reasons. You have my agreement. We can leave immediately if you so choose." Kilam said with a nod. He had to place his faith in her.

"To ensure that we will not be noticed we will make a small jump to this location." He said pointing to a short distance from Anchorage. "We will then make another small jump to just outside Anchorage's sensor range. Then we will make the next jump directly to about 100 km away from Echelon Five." Kilam said as he mapped the route on the map for Josette.

"Now, will there be a need for any combat? I will be able to handle anything they throw at me but I want to be sure that they don't catch me off guard. The shields on my ship are lacking and the armor on the ship takes a full minute to deploy."

Josette watched as she looked at the points for the jumps Kilam was showing her. She had to tell him that though Jules had once said if she wanted someone to replace her it was Josette, but it was not a order from Jules herself. Jules knew that the Hierarchy would always go against her choice. So she had chose some Rear Admiral out in the outposts. But still Josette was not sent by Jules, but rather the "Director" Kaiser himself, not knowing she had her own agenda.

"You should be fine, but Kilam, I was not sent by Jules.. I was sent here by the "Director", but know this. I am on your side, Jules side of this. They think that I was sent in as a Mole for them and I can tell you I can give you all of what I know of their plans, but not until I make this rendezvous." She said looking for any reaction of her truth.

Kilam didn't look towards Josette. He gave no visual acknowledgment. But in his head he heaved a sigh of relief. Everything was being put into place once again. He hadn't made many friends in the fleet, most likely due to his demeanor towards most people. But it was also due to this that he was able to analyze people and things without to much effort.

"I see. What would stop me from placing you under arrest at this moment?" He said still looking forward. "This ship does as I command without me uttering a word. It would be simpleton work to have a field placed around you and contact Gallant with what you just told me." He said moving his head towards her with a deadpan expression.

A small smile grew on his lips. A barely noticeable one but albeit a smile. "Luckily for you, I don't trust Gallant much and I just so happen to have a grudge against him at the moment. I also have a mind of my own and make it a habit to not follow the norm. Something that I take after Alex and Jules with. It does not matter to me Josette. If you end up being a mole and I have a part in some terrible event in the fleet, well I guess that would make me a proper Juno admiral."

"I've always followed the rules. Done as my superiors told me to do. I think that it is my chance to off half cocked and ready to shoot. But do know, if you end up being an enemy of the fleet, even if I am relieved of duty, I will hunt you down and bring you back. But I have a feeling about you. Thank you for telling me the truth. Now, are you ready to leave?" He said with the smile being wide now.

Josette relaxed after hearing Kilam out. Yes he could imprison her right now with a blink of an eye and she knew he also held to a promise made. He would track her down bring her to justice and see to her execution if that would be the decree.

"Then I would have to say an allegiance has been made and I swear to you I will had you the phasor set to kill if I'm leading you into a trap. I also see why Jules trusted you, from some of the documents I have recently read from her files." Smiling and turning more towards him. "I'm Intelligence first and I learned Jules encryption's and so it was easy to get into her personal logs."

Then rising and moving away from him. "Lets go, as time is of the essence."

"Of course." Kilam said leading the way out the door. "Helm, retrieve the flight path that I set in my ready room and set the coordinates."

"I have the sir and the coordinates are set." The helm officer on duty replied.

"Then engage. Make sure that the stealth bands are activated." Kilam said sitting in his chair and offering the other chair to Josette.

"The particles are gathered sir, initializing the jump." The helmsman said.

Moments later the Freedom Fighter disappeared from near anchorage and completed the first jump away. As soon as they reappeared Kilam looked at the readings coming through.

"It appears that even with her reduced capability we were still able to make a clear getaway. I am not reading any omicron particles at our last location and there is no indication that Anchorage has detected our departure." Kilam said with a nod. "Initiate the second jump."

"Aye sir." The helmsman said as the Freedom Fighter once again disappeared and reappeared.

"All clear again. We are now clear of Anchorage's long range sensors. If you are prepared we can make the final jump. This is your last chance to change your mind or provide any additional info that I might need because once we reappear we will definitely appear on the sensors of whoever we're going to visit." Kilam said looking at Josette.


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