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What Can You Tell Me Part II

Posted on Wed May 25th, 2016 @ 12:32pm by Vice Admiral Josette Garafin & Rear Admiral Kilam Richards

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Echelon Five and Anchorage


Moments later the Freedom Fighter disappeared from near anchorage and completed the first jump away. As soon as they reappeared Kilam looked at the readings coming through.

"It appears that even with her reduced capability we were still able to make a clear getaway. I am not reading any omicron particles at our last location and there is no indication that Anchorage has detected our departure." Kilam said with a nod. "Initiate the second jump."

"Aye sir." The helmsman said as the Freedom Fighter once again disappeared and reappeared.

"All clear again. We are now clear of Anchorage's long range sensors. If you are prepared we can make the final jump. This is your last chance to change your mind or provide any additional info that I might need because once we reappear we will definitely appear on the sensors of whoever we're going to visit." Kilam said looking at Josette.


"I've nothing more. The only problem is if Kaiser's people have gotten to Maxx, then that will be a problem." Seeing the strange look on Kilam's face.

"You may remember him, he's been a thorn in this fleets side for a long time and he is also father to the child I gave birth too, out of wedlock. He raised the boy, but the boy turned like me to the side of the Federation and JunoFleet. His name Maximilian Cole" Hearing a few breaths sucked in from some of the older members on the Bridge.

Kilam nodded his head. "Maximilian Cole huh?" He said thinking for a moment. "I suppose that we should make the jump then." He said nodding to the CONN officer.

"Understood sir. The final coordinates are imputed and the drive has initiated. "Prepare for long range jump." The CONN officer said as everyone on the bridge gripped their stations.

Kilam looked at Josette. "The larger the distance that we jump the more strain it places on the inertial dampeners. A jump of this distance shouldn't place too much strain but I've trained my people to be prepared for anything. So please grip your seat sturdily." He said as he griped his seat.

Seconds later and the Freedom Fighter appeared at the designated coordinates.

Josettte held on for dear life, smooth her ass, it was scary as fell. she had forgotten what long range jumps were like, and to think she'll have to do so again to get back to Anchorage

Josette looked out the view window and there it was a distant blue planet, but there seemed to be a purplish hue about it, knowing it was a force field that she knew the Freedom Fighter could pass with ease, but not undetected, or could they.

"Kilam see the Blue plant around twelve o'clock high, that is Echelon Five. The purplish hue is a force field, not as strong as Anchorage, but there none the less. Is this something you can get through undetected. If not, then I need a channel open to contact Cole. His base is on the dark side of the planet" Still seeing the somewhat blank look on Kilam at the mention of Cole.

"Maximilian Cole was a Captain during the Beginning of the Dekker Wars. He had already been in trouble with the Fleet well before and well the opportunity came and he took it and turned traitor, pirate. He had been hounding the fleet since. When he left I was carrying his child." Remembering the day so clear.

"When the child was eight, Maxx came and took him and raised him. Luckily for us the child was more tied to me than Max thought and well lets just say our son is one of the Fleets top brass for Intel. After a while Max became a somewhat Mole for me and I was able to learn things that we should not have learned. So it is now. Max has information, but cannot come to us for fear of reprisal and I've given him his freedom, but should he come near the fleet he's on his own. So you understand why we had to come to him."

"However I don't trust him one hundred percent. Would you accompany me to meet with him. I know he'll no try anything. He knows of the power of your ship and you." Josette asked and hoped he'd agree.

Kilam nodded. "Yes, of course. Cole, I remember him. We had a chance meeting shortly after I had finished my ship. I was still the DRaD at this point. I was investigating a system not too far from here. I happened upon his ship and when I made contact it did not go as planned. He ended up firing at my ship before my armor could be brought up. Depleted my shields to zero in one shot. Did some damage before I could bring my armor up but after that it was game over for him. None of his weapons could pierce my armor. Right before I captured his ship in a tractor beam he warped away. My sensors weren't as advanced as they are now so I wasn't able to track him." Kilam said folding his arms as he looked at the sensor readings of the planet.

"The spectrum of the force field is set to go off when it detects a ship's energy readings going through. Even the tiniest flicker of lights would set it off. However, in order to avoid the field triggering when anything goes through, such as space debris or asteroids, it is set to only energy signatures. If I were to surround my ship with omicron particles from my OSIRIS drive then it should be possible to enter it unnoticed. All I would have to do it begin a jump but then halt it. It is similar to creating a warp bubble around the ship for warp engines. If it works than the Freedom Fighter will just appear as mere space debris." He said as he signaled his crew to begin the preparations.

"Any questions?" He asked looking back at Josette.

Before she could answer =^=Hail Fleet Dogs... You've 10 seconds to state your business or be blown back from hence you came.=^=

Sighing Josette recognized the voice and " Make contact and let me talk to them." Waiting for the communication officer made contact. Go ahead Ma'am.

=^=Maxx it's JoJo. We're here in peace you've information for me, but how did.....=^=

Laughter could be heard then a serious voice.=^= You surprise me Rear Admiral Richards, we're right behind you. I guess my cloaking finally paid off with the new technology I got.=^= Maxx said with smugness in his voice.

Kilam grimaced. After the attempt on his life the Freedom Fighter was still limited in its capabilities. He thought the he had gotten the worst issues fixed already. Signalling to his tactical officer to raise the armor he sighed.

=A= Well done Cole, I must say I had not expected to come across a cloaking device. I should inform you that if you decide to become aggressive again the result will not be the same. My technology is improved beyond what it once was. =A= He silently kicked himself for not raising his armor earlier. He should have planned for this eventuality.

=^=Time will tell my friend, however since I know my sweet Josette is aboard I'll refrain from firing=^= Smiling at his crew knowing that instant when the Freedom Fighters armor was activated. =^=So my petite Josette, you are here to get the information but knows than to bring attention to yourself and me. Won't ol Tyrus know you're AWOL?=^=

Rolling her eyes and sighed, thinking what had she ever seen in the pompous ass. =^=Maxx is there some place we can talk, privately. I know you'll not come hear or us to your ship. Is there some place neutral?=^=

=^= I'll come aboard the Freedom Fighter. I've a trigger device and managed to obtain a Neniphim World Killer. We were just heading back from obtaining it when you decided to grace my doorstep. Try anything and both my ship, Kilam'said and all of Five will be dust. So beam me aboard if you dare.=^= Maxx's voice like that of the enemy that he was.

Josette looked to Kilam. "He'll carry out that threat. So I guess we bring him here. We all play nicely but be prepared for anything. I don't trust him where I'm concerned. I know the information he'll give us is good, but...." Letting it drop.

"As long as my armor is in place we can survive the detonation of a WK. Not without severe damage, but we will still survive." Kilam said thinking. =A= Alright Cole, prepare to beam over. =A= Kilam said over the COMM. He couldn't help but wonder how the man had gotten his hands on a WK. But that was something that he would have to investigate once they got back to Anchorage.

"Lieutenant Hunter, please lower the armor around a beaming point and beam Cole over to the Freedom Fighter. Send him directly to the briefing room." He ordered OPS. Turning to Josette. "Lets greet the man and get this over and done with."

***Briefing Room***

Josette paused as the doors to the briefing room opened. Maxx always took her breath away at frirst glimpse, then that was as far as it got. He was wearing leather pants, a shirt that seemed right out of the nineteen sixties, boots and his hair pulled back into a pony tail, and a shadow of a beard and mustache. "Thank you for meeting with use Maxx.

Maxx turned at the sound of Josette's voice, a smile playing at his lips as her took her in, so petite, but he recalled too the bite of her tongue. Moving too her he took her hand and kissed her knuckles. "A pleasure ma petite." Standing almost as tall as Kilam he stiffened. "Admiral Richards, so we finally meet in person." Holding his hand out.

Kilam reached his hand forward and took Cole's hand. "So we do. I believe we should get right to business." He said letting the hand loose and moving to the head of the table.

Josette took a seat, Cole taking one and brought one booted food onto the table. Josette slapped the foot off. "This is not your ship, behave now what do you have for me."

Maxx frowned at Josette's reprimand, but refrained from placing his feet back up. "Are you sure nothing will leave this room and all said will not be held against me or said it was I who told you." Looking hard at Kilam.

"Computer activate silence mode and seal the doors. No outward communications." Kilam said as the computer chirped in accordance. There was an audible sound as the doors sealed. "You have my word."

"And I'll hold you too it too should I come under fire with what I tell you." Maxx's tone a slight growl.

"I'll take full responsibility Maxx, should anything happen, now what was so important that you'll have myself and now Rear Admiral Richards in hot water should Tyrus find out we are AWOL." Josette said hoping to defuse any hostilities.

"Then I'll not keep you long Ma Petite. Besides Kaiser whom I am sure you know is behind these attacks on all of you, but there is a "friend" that you all need to watch. Gallant" Watching to looks on the pair before him. "Then there is DeScott too and I'm not talking of Sam."

"What!? Maxx you're mad. Tyrus is with us and Alexander DeScott is dead." Josette said leaning forward, ready to rise if need.

"Are you a hundred percent sure JoJo. I've my connections and we've just come from the wreckage of the Archangael, there are things not right and parts, key parts missing, parts that DeScott would need." Maxx' said also leaning forward and grasped JoJo's wrist.

Kilam folded his arms and sighed. "Josette, please remain in your seat." He said shaking his head. "DeScott not being dead will come as no surprise to anyone in this fleet. No one in this fleet has come back more from the dead than that man alone. The information about Gallant does not put me on edge either. From day one he was a constant question mark to both me and Jules. Keep talking Cole."


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