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What Can You Tell Me Part III

Posted on Mon Jun 6th, 2016 @ 10:45pm by Vice Admiral Josette Garafin & Vice Admiral Tyrus Gallant & Rear Admiral Kilam Richards

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Echelon Five and Anchorage


"Are you a hundred percent sure JoJo. I've my connections and we've just come from the wreckage of the Archangael, there are things not right and parts, key parts missing, parts that DeScott would need." Maxx' said also leaning forward and grasped JoJo's wrist.
Kilam folded his arms and sighed. "Josette, please remain in your seat." He said shaking his head. "DeScott not being dead will come as no surprise to anyone in this fleet. No one in this fleet has come back more from the dead than that man alone. The information about Gallant does not put me on edge either. From day one he was a constant question mark to both me and Jules. Keep talking Cole."


"Alright but I know from my informants that Tyrus sent the E and Diablos on a fake mission making it look like the E went rogue, did it ever occur to either of you that Gallant sent your two strongest ships away, leaving only you Richards and though the Freedom Fighter is strong, it's nothing compared to the E and Diablos. You could hold for a while but in the end...." Maxx spoke his eyes watching the pair. He couldn't believe that Josette would fall for it unless....

Josette looked to Kilam, was Maxx right, or is this another play to leave Anchorage vulnerable. "How do we know you are not.... Damn it! Kilam we need to get back now, Maxx have your ship follow but right now you're not leaving this ship. I'll give you diplomatic immunity at Anchorage. Oh and stop looking at me as if I'm part of this with Gallant I assure you on my honor I'm on the Fleet's side.

Kilam gripped the edge of the table until his knuckles turned white. "If Gallant would think that my ship is in any way weaker than the Enterprise or the Diablos then he has another thing coming." Kilam said as the table cracked a little.

=A= Helm, set a return course to Anchorage. To hell with the last plan I created. Plot a jump straight to our last location at Anchorage. =A= Kilam said over the COMM. "If all of this ends up being wrong then I will come up with some reasoning as to why the Freedom Fighter was gone. But right now my number one concern is to the fleet staff."

"Whoa! I can't go with you two, I've my own agendas I...." Maxx began.

"Stop whining, Kilam send the coordinates to Maxx'said ship, tell them hell be with us but we need to return now." Josette stated. "We need to talk more, I know there is more tof this."

"The coordinates have been sent." Kilam said as he stood up and walked through the doors onto the bridge. "Helm, is the course plotted?"

"Negative sir, there is an anomaly in the OSIRIS drive that is keeping us from engaging it." The helmsman said from his station.

=A= Richards to Engineering, what is the issue? =A= Kilam said tapping his COMM badge.

=A= Unknown sir. We are running diagnostics now. =A= The engineering officer said.

=A= I'm coming there now. =A= Kilam said looking to Josette and Cole. "I want you two to stay here. Don't touch anything." He said moving to the CONN station.

"I want you to get heading to Anchorage at maximum warp. If I can't get this issue resolved then we need to make all haste there." He said looking at the officer.

"Understood sir. Warp drive is online and ready. Our estimated time to get there is twenty days though sir." The CONN officer said.

"I realize that. But we need to start making our way there. Engage." Kilam said heading to the turbolift. "Lieutenant O'Mally, please make sure that our guests do as I have asked." Kilam said to his security officer.

"Yes sir." Daniel said walking over to Josette and Cole. "If there is anything that you need I can assist you."

Josette's head snapped to Kilam. "Security to detain? What do you think we or I would do? I'm thinking this problem your ship is having is possibly a result of what Maxx has told us. Could it be Tyrus planded this issue and it was a trigger that if you left the assigned area it would activate and tell him you've left?"

Growling low in her throat. "When we return I'm calling him on the carpet and we will find out if indeed he is working with Kaiser or someone else." Josette rose and began to pace.

Kilam held the doors on the turbolift open. "If Tyrus was able to do this then that means there is a spy aboard my ship. The entire database was deleted not even six hours ago. I assure you Josette, I will get to the bottom of this." Kilam said letting the doors close as the turbolift sped away.

Kilam closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. How could I let this happen? I don't know what the cause of this was but I need to find out. If it was Josette then I will have to hold her, but if I find that it was Tyrus then I will have to put an end to his reign. Kilam said to himself.

Dammit Jules, if only you would have let me help you. You picked one hell of a time to up and die on me.

The turbolift stopped and Kilam made a beeline for the OSIRIS drive. "Report!" He said as soon as the engineering was in sight.

"We still can't find the issue Admiral. Every diagnostic reads clear but the particles just aren't producing." Commander Belev said.

"I'm going into the drive. Lock down the ignition and producers. I don't need to get flooded with the particles." Kilam said as he took off his overcoat.

"Sir, it's not safe to do that. Even if we did that the particles that are still there would affect you." Belev said trying to convince Richards not to do it.

"I know the risks Commander. Just do it." Kilam said as he opened the access portal.

Belev ran to the controls knowing that Kilam wouldn't be convinced not to go through with it.

Looking around Kilam didn't spot anything out of place. All of the hardware was just as it should be. Not to mention that no one besides Kilam and maybe DeScott would be able to enter the drive due to the side-effects of the particles.

The specific particles that Kilam had used were necrotic by nature. The exact make-up of them was only known exclusively to Kilam but a version of them had been encountered by the USS Voyager in one of their interactions with Q. However due to his physiology, Kilam was immune to the necrosis of the particles.

Turning Kilam's eyes opened wide. Sitting on the main subjugator valve was a foreign device. Moving over to it Kilam examined it closely. With a snarl Kilam shook his head. Whoever had placed the device in the drive system had known exactly where to place it. And to make matters worse the device was set to explode if it was tampered with.

In order for him to have his ship licensed Kilam had had no choice but to submit the blueprints to the Admiralty board. And that was the only place that there were blueprints, besides Kilam's own head of course. And the security of Anchorage was developed by Alexander DeScott himself therefore it had a higher security, digitally, than any other known place. It even topples anything that Kilam had created.

That would have to mean that someone on the board had placed the device. That ruled out Josette as she had not been on his ship before that point, let alone being granted access to those files. That only left Jules, who would never sabotage his ship, DeScott, who was too far away to do it, or Gallant, who was the most likely suspect.

Kilam reached into his tool belt and took out a small screwdriver like device. Placing it on the top of the device he pressed the button to activate it sending a few omicron particles through the device. The particles ate through the devices trigger and sealing mechanism leaving it easy work to pull the device off.

Stepping out of the drive system Kilam slammed the device on a table. "Get this thing out of my engineering and into containment. I want a Marine detachment to guard it at all times." He said as the engineers rushed to do as Kilam ordered.

"I'm returning to the bridge. Get my drive operational again. You have ten minutes." Kilam said as he raced back to the turbolift.

Arriving on the bridge he looked to Josette and Cole. "In the briefing room now." Almost all of Kilam's shirt had been eaten away by the particles that were in the drive. His pants had been eaten up to his knees and his shoes were all but gone.

Arriving in the briefing room Kilam looked to Josette and Cole. "Someone sabotaged my ship. Both of you are cleared as you have neither the skill nor the knowledge to do it."

"Don't insult my intelligence. You don't know what I am capable of, however, I don't know the schematics of this ship and though we've had a few run ins, we just met for the first time." Maxx indignatly said. "Besides I've other ways to destroy you and this shp."

"Shut up Maxx." Josette piped in. " Kilam what happened and you' look like hell. Should I notify you medical team?" Josette was concerned, she knew he had been exposed to particles from his engines.

"I just need new clothes." Kilam said ignoring Maxx's outburst. "I'll be fine. My ship was being set up to be stranded. That or destroyed. Along with any life within 50 lightyears. Whoever did it wanted to be sure they wouldn't be discovered. Had the core been shut down it would have exploded. Thankfully that was avoided." Kilam said as he ripped the rest of his ripped clothes off. After he was done all he had left was his pants.

"How soon can we get back to where you're supposed to be and I can get back to Anchorage?" Josette asked. Was this to kill off Kilam or did they know she was on board.

"That depends, do you want to return under stealth or throw stealth out the window?" Kilam asked as he sent a message off on his PADD for new clothes.

"If we came stealth because we didn't want to be detected, why would we throw that out the window? What are you thinking Kilam?" Josette said as she glanced at Maxx, who was still apparently pissed due to Kilam's comment of incompetence of sabotaging the ship.

"I'm thinking that our stealth may already be blown. We have to assume that the device on my ship would have sent off a message of failure. It's what I would have done if roles were reversed." Kilam said.

Suddenly the door to the office slid open and an officer wearing a black uniform with the insignia of Section 31 on the collar walked in,

"bad time?" He said with a smile, holding his hands up, "I'm not really here, isomorphic projection, I'm Tinker, I know how to disable that bomb, because I sorta designed it."

Josette, cursed. They had been had and now theyd both be called on the carpet. "How?"

Kilam raised his hand at Josette telling her to calm down. "That's nice, I've already disabled it. If your the one that designed it than you have information that I need."

"That's cute, did you get the phased triple-lens relay trigger, or did you just disable the T-121 standard timer trigger?" Tinker laughed, "I designed the bomb years ago for use during the dominion wars, I also designed a few hundred different warheads, all of which were stolen by Kaiser."

The projected officer smiled, "See Kaiser likes to have backups, his first level was the timers, secondly a k-frequency signal radiated towards the engine compartment would trigger the secondary fuse and this ship become an artificial black hole for a few years." He set a small chip on the table, "I also have another reason for being here, before you do anything rash, I'd suggest contacting Diablos and requesting to speak to the Commodore about her recent experience with my bombs. In the mean time..." He checked his chrono and nodded as the ship shook, "...I just took that weapon off your hands, as well as the operative who planted it, you'll need a new Delta Shift Propulsion operations specialist. The Director intends to deal with them himself."

Kilam watched the figure closely. "That 'bomb' was geared specifically for omicron particles. Something that would have been useless during the Dominion War. Also given the fact that the bomb was moreso geared specifically towards the type of omicron particles that my ship uses means that someone in the hierarchy of Juno was in play for this. I need that information." Kilam said.

"Not my job, I design triggers, the bomb itself was designed by Admiral DeScott." Tinker watched that particular bomb drop, "What, you didn't think he'd let you have your toys without a countermeasure did you?"

Josette and Maxx looked at each other. Maxx so wanted out of this, he wondered if he could silently get his ship to beam him back. Moving his hand to his pocket he went to finger the sos to get him out of there.

"You really don't want to transport right now," Tinker looked at Maxx, "you'll break stealth, and we're already being watched."

Glaring once at Maxx, Josette looked to the projection. " Watched by whom, how do we know you're telling us the truth. Are Kilam and I the next targets the next to die by Kaiser's hands?"

TBC - Finale


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