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No Obligations

Posted on Sat May 28th, 2016 @ 7:02pm by

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Holodeck

Nekota had everything set. A picnic in an open field, with a babbling brook, just like the old romantic books she read. She waited for Maris as she needed to talk to him. Problem was she was giving him a way out, because she was stupid and became pregnant.

When she learned the news she sequestered herself in her work and had only briefly spoken to Maris twice via video comm. However now was the time to let him know and give him the option to stay as a couple or he could walk but she planned on keeping the child, but may have to quit the Marines which she hoped she wouldn't have to do.

Deep in thought, she didn't hear Maris come in. "Nekota, Koty?"

Maris entered the holodeck, seeing the scene that Nekota had set up, a smile crossed his lips. Seeing her sitting in the field of flowers, a creek babbling a few yards away. The sky, blue with a few puffy white clouds. A soft breeze blowing the temperature perfect. It was picture perfect.

Reaching Nekota she seemed lost in a dream or thoughts. That puzzled him some, but let it pass. "Nekota?" When she didn't respond. "Koty?" Gently touching her shoulder, causing her to start, grabbing said hand, rolled and flipped Maris on his back, then straddled him, her one hand at this throat the other raised to strike.

When the hand touched her shoulder, Nekota's instincts as a Marine kicked in. Grabbing the hand she rolled forward and flipped the would be assailant over, straddled them, Placing one hand at their throat and the other raised for the possible death blow.

"Whoa babe it's me. You ok?" Maris said his hands erased in surrender though he was flat on his back.

Thoughts came back to Nekota, she jumped off of Maris, the look of horror on her face, "Oh god, I'm sorry Maris, I didn't hear...." moving off to the creek, her arms wrapped around her, silently weeping.

Maris got to his feet and quickly went to Nekota, wrapping his arms about her. "Koty you ok, what's wrong? I've never been able to walk up to you with out you're knowing."

Turning into his arms, Nekota continued to weep. She love this man so much, and now her heart was breaking, positive that once she tells him of the baby, he'll be gone from her life forever. If that happens she'll have to ask for a transfer, as she'd not be able to see him daily, before and after the birth.

Maris slowly stroked her back as he let her weep. All kinds of thoughts going through his head of what could be wrong. Was she bring transferred, is she ill. "Honey please talk to me."

Taking a deep breath, not quite how she wanted to do this, but better now than to enjoy what she had planned then be heartbroken. "Maris. You are the world to me, but I'll understand if you chose to walk away...."

Maris took her by the shoulders and held her back so he could see her face and beautiful violet eyes. "God please do not tell me you're being transferred, I'll fight it, I need you baby."

Giving him a half smile, the look on his face. Maybe this was a spark of hope. "No. I'm not being transferred. I know we've been careful, but.... I'm pregnant."

That word alone brought all kinds of thoughts to Maris, some good some bad, but mostly terror. "As in we're having a baby?" Silence but seeing Koty nodd. Letting go he stepped away, then back, his lips mouthing baby, but no sound, stepped away.

Nekota stood silent her hands now placed at her belly, as she watched Maris step away, her heart sinking, then come back, then step away. "Maris I know this is a shock, and I swear I didn't do this to trap you. So I'm allowing you to walk away. Well not allowing," When his head snapped to her a frown on his face. "I mean I'm not going to make you stay and be obligated to care for us. Yes I'm keeping the baby, but its your choice to remain or leave."

Maris came back, slightly hurt that she would allow him to go. Go? Like hell. Taking her in his arms he pulled her tight. "I'm going nowhere. I actually was coming here to ask you to be my wife. Nekota Zumari, would you honor me in becoming Mrs. Maris Neral Redker?"

Giddiness flowed Koty's body as she pulled Maris's lips to hers. "Yes Mr Maris Neral Redker, I would be honored to become your wife. But one question. What of our careers here and me especially. I don't was to quit, I'm a Marine and want to continue as one."

"Well since Soga is our CO, guess we better find him and Kumi, tell them both news, then talk to Soga on our options." Then kissed Koty soundly.

"What about the food, we can't let it go to waste?" Looking at the blanket and layout enough food for several people.

"Let's gather it up and bring it with us. We'll shock them with our news, then feed them. Come on let's go tell them." Gathering the basket, wine and left as the holodeck shut down.


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