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What to do?

Posted on Tue Jul 26th, 2016 @ 11:47am by Major Kyushichi Soga & Petty Officer 2nd Class Okumura Kumi

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Marine HQ
Tags: Soga

Maris lead Nekota to Marine HQ, and was glad to find Soga alone. "Major Kyushichi, may we have a few minutes of your time?" Maris asked, still holding Nekota's hand.

Soga glanced up to find himself looking into the faces of Maris and Nekota. There was something that seemed off about the two of them. The way they stood, Nekota was squeezing Maris' hand so tight, he could see the lack of color from where he sat.

Refocusing his attention to Maris, Soga's facial expression portraying a quizzical yet worried look. "Maris you hardly ever address me by my rank unless someone else is around. What's up with you two? She's about to amputate your hand she's squeezing it so tight."

Nekota was a little scared, as she had just only met Soga a month ago and any interaction she had was purely on personal time. They, she and Maris, were now meeting with him on work time and to ask several things more personal, but some work related.

"Sir?" Maris asked. "Two things have come up that we'd like to ask of you, but we're not sure how to put this, and pray that it will not affect our jobs let alone our friendship." Maris began.

Pressing a button under his desk, the door closed behind the two guests. Soga then motioned to the chairs in front of his desk. "At Ease, both of you, and sit your rear ends in those chairs and tell me what the hell is going on."

Both Maris and Nekota relaxed, we'll Maris more than Nekota. Taking seats, Madrid leaned slightly forward. "Well my friend, being you are the closest we have as the Commanding Officer, since Field Marshall DeScott, has yet to return, I'm hoping, no asking if you would marry Nekota and I."

Nekota remained silent was she watched Soga for any sign of what she was not sure, but what would he do once he learns she's having a baby.

Soga was taken back by this request, but knew what his answer had to be. Keeping as neutral as a face as he could, he simply replied, "No." He then leaned back in his chair and waited.

"No!?" They both said in unison. "What do you mean no, Major Kyushichi?" Maris said emphasizing on Soga's sir name. " I know you can marry us besides being a Major and the closest thing to being our CO since Field Marshal DeScott is still not available. I can't use my Aunt she's no longer of this l.ife. Damn it Soga!" Maris stood and began to pace.

"No." Soga stated again. "I am neither the Commander of this Unit, nor the Captain of this ship. Though I may be acting Commander until DeScott returns, that does not grant me the capability to perform the ceremony." Soga then leaned forward in his chair, "You know we have several Marine Chaplains, as well as Star Fleet Chaplains. One of them would have to do the ceremony, I can put you in touch with any one of them you wish."

Soga's lips slowly turned upwards in a smile, "Besides, if I'm doing the ceremony, who else in their right mind would agree to be your Best Man."

That gave Maris pause, his head snapping to Soga, his cursing under his breath stopped. "Best Man? What the hell is that?"

"It's where he stands by your side and someone of my choosing is the 'Maid of Honor', it's an old style of marriage, but I was unaware they still did that." Nekota said. Looking at Soga. "Sir there is one more thing though."

"No Kota, that can wait." Maris stated, but Nekota waved him off.

There was something going on between the two of them, and Soga wasn't sure that he wanted to be in the middle if it was an argument over something. Directing his gaze at Nekota, he raised his right eyebrow slightly, "What is it Nekota?"

"Sir part of the reason we want this wedding, a small fraction of it, is I just learned I'm pregnant." Then rushing on. "I want to work through this pregnancy and then afters still be a Marine, I don't want to quit, what are my options, can you help?"

Maris stood behind watching his friend on that bit of news, rolling his eyes, then suddenly turned the chair about and straddled it as the full impact really hit him, turning slightly pale. He was going to be a father, a Dad to something small and he wondered if he'd be able to do it or be like his own father.

Soga nearly tipped fully backwards in his chair when the words Nekota spoke hit him. He glanced first from her then to Maris, then back to her, and once more back to Maris. "Well first question has to be are you sure? Have you been to medical for a test? Second, you don't have to be married to raise this child together, are you both ready to commit to each other for the rest of your lives?"

"Yes I've been tested and then some." Koty said. "As to the marriage I don't want my child to be labled, like I was." Blushing slightly.

"Soga if I wasn't ready I'd never have asked Nekota. I'll not be like my Da, nor will I'll leave her like my Aunts dead beat husband did. I'm thinking with what I grew up with I'd rather cut my right arm off than be so inhuman." Maris said with a little heat.

Soga stood and stepped around his desk stopping to the side of the two of them. Suddenly a giant smile crossed his face as he knelt down to Nekota's eye level. "You'll stay active as long as Medical says you can. Once the baby arrives, you are allowed eighteen weeks maternity leave, you may come back sooner as long as Medical clears you for active duty." Then glancing up at Maris, "This lug can apply for either two weeks Paternity leave at full pay, or four weeks at half pay. Just so you know, if you take the four weeks, Nekota's leave would be shortened by two weeks."

"Not a problem buddy. So let's grab Kumi tell her the news and get hitched." Maris said rising and clapping Soga on the back.

"Whow buddy!" Soga said as he stood. "There's paperwork to fill out first. Takes about a week for all the i's to be dotted and t's to be crossed. However, we can take care of that later, let's go get Kumi and at least celebrate the occasion."

"What why so long, I thought it was easy you just signed some paper at the Justice office and were married?" Maris said with a crease to his brow.

"Baby it's ok, thi isn't the nineteenth and twentieth century. We'll go get Kumi and celebrate. come let's go." Rising and following Soga out.


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