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What Can You Tell Me - Finale

Posted on Sat Jun 11th, 2016 @ 2:54pm by Vice Admiral Josette Garafin & Vice Admiral Tyrus Gallant & Rear Admiral Kilam Richards

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral


"Not my job, I design triggers, the bomb itself was designed by Admiral DeScott." Tinker watched that particular bomb drop, "What, you didn't think he'd let you have your toys without a countermeasure did you?"

Josette and Maxx looked at each other. Maxx so wanted out of this, he wondered if he could silently get his ship to beam him back. Moving his hand to his pocket he went to finger the sos to get him out of there.

"You really don't want to transport right now," Tinker looked at Maxx, "you'll break stealth, and we're already being watched."


Glaring once at Maxx, Josette looked to the projection. " Watched by whom, how do we know you're telling us the truth. Are Kilam and I the next targets the next to die by Kaiser's hands? Does Anchorage know we are AWOL?" Glancing to Kilam Forgive me She mouthed

"INS Galvin is in that nebula," Tinker pointed out the window, "Director wanted me to fill you in if you decided to pull a Neral and go off book,"

"Kaiser is working to hand the entire quadrant over to the Imperial Armada, the primary force of the Humanist Terran Empire in Universe K-P03, they've been slipping ships through the spatial fissure the Enterprise G formed on her first mission. If you break stealth, Galvin will engage and she'll be followed by hundreds of other warships." Tinker crossed his arms, "I'm reaching the end of my transmission range, do you have any questions?"

"I've nothing more. Kilam we need to decide what our next move is as I know this ship is good but we cannot go against hundreds. Maybe fire a few into the nebula, but that would only cause them to come out. I think a Neral move is what is needed. you knew her well, what do you think?" Josette said, her heart sinking some.

"Please be in position, The Director and Emperor came up with a really good idea, you should give it a shot." Tinker's watch chirped, "Leaving range, hope to see you soon,"

With that, his image vanished.

Kilam closed his eyes and thought. Ordinarily Kilam wouldn't question following orders from his superiors. He had many factors to consider. In a fire fight he would be able to destroy a great deal of the enemy ships. However, due to the attempt on his life his ship's capabilities were severely limited. He was still booting all of the protocols necessary. Not to mention that he still had to reprogram the firing protocols that were scrambled. There hadn't been time to do all of them before everything had happened. If he had another day it would all be different.

"As it stands, defensively, we could withstand a good amount of the ships. However we have little offensive power on that scale. If it were a few dozen my ship could handle it. But not with hundreds." Kilam said thinking again. "For now we must head back to Anchorage keeping our stealth intact. If what the projection said is true than that is the best placing for us."

"Cole, I am going to open one of my cargo doors, please bring your ship inside it. You will not be able to pass Anchorage's sensor perimeter with your stealth systems. The reason you got past mine in because of system errors that I am having at the moment. Any arguments and I will detain you and destroy your ship." Kilam said looking at Maxx daring him to reject the offer. "If you think that you can defeat my ship in battle than you better have the Enterprise cloaked behind me. That is the only ship that can compare in this quadrant."

"Yeah sure but... Hey I still have the WK on my ship think we could send that to the Nebula?" Maxx said with glee in his voice. "My ship could fire it into the hole."

"And take us and everything else in the vicinity, ie; planets, stations, other ship traffic. Where the hell is your head. Glad I saw reason and left you Maxx instead of staying." Josette said with irritation, was the man that stupid, what had I been thinking.

"Take a good look at that nebula. Not only does it hide sensor data but it also has unique characteristics. A WK would be about as powerful as a type 2 photon torpedo. Otherwise, useless." Kilam said.

"Only trying to help." Then tapping his com =^=Jem the good Admiral here is opening his cargo hold for us to store the ship. We'll stay aboard as I doubt Richards wants the like of us roaming free.=^=

=^=Got it Maxx, we'll behave.=^= Laughter from Maxx's ship could be heard over his comm. Looking to Kilam "We'll behave. Scouts honor" More laughter heard.

"Maxx do shut up." Josette said with disgust. "Kilam so what is the plan?"

"The plan is to return along our previous course. As long as no one tried to get into contact with my ship then we should still have stealth maintained." Kilam said stroking his beard. "If things do turn south, I will open the cargo bay doors and release your ship Cole. You will then assist in taking down whatever enemy chooses to fire at our ships."

"Sure, what I live for." Then looking closer at Josette. "Darling I'm not liking your look. What are you thinking?"

Josette had been thinking and somethings were falling into place but alot wasn't and there was only one man who knew it all. "Kilam get us back to Anchorage fast. There is to be no further contact with anyone close all communications. I'm about to go Neral on one Tyrus Gallant once we return and I suggest you both company me as I'm liable to commit murder."


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