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Answers Now!

Posted on Wed Jun 22nd, 2016 @ 10:21pm by Vice Admiral Josette Garafin & Vice Admiral Tyrus Gallant & Rear Admiral Kilam Richards & Fleet Captain Tanner Tarsus III

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Tyrus Gallant's office
Timeline: Return from AWOL

Once the Freedom Fighter returned to where she should have been, three people taking a shuttle back to Prime. Once the shuttle landed Josette was out like a rocket and people seeing the petite woman who walked with a purpose, her silver tail swaying with her gait.

Both Kilam and Maxx had tried to talk her out of it, pulling a Neral could be suicide, but Josette didn't care. She glanced once seeing both men behind her, two giants to this tiny woman.

As she rounded a corner she came across Tre. "Vice Admiral Garafin where have you been?" Then noticed the two men behind her. Snapping a salute, "Rear Admiral Richards, Captain Tre Cole Director of Intelligence." Then looking to the other, "Dad what are you doing here?" Then realized his mistake.

"That is not important Captain. We are here to see Gallant." Kilam said stepping forward.

"Not a good idea. Things are going down all over and he is a bit off and cranky as an old mule." Tre began only to have Josette interrupt.

"Good I like a good fight." Then rounded her son and headed to Tyrus office, but then something told her he wasn't there and then headed to then headed back to the lift.

She know he was in the bowels of the station, not sure how she knew but she did. As she entered three men entered with her. Looking at then she dared them to stop her. Gallant was cranky, well she'd top that and was pissed like a hive of angry wasps.

Tre said nothing to JoJo but he had a feeling his Dad would tell him. Leaning towards Maxx. "Dad why are you here, did you get Captured again?"

"Nope. I had information for your Mom and she graciously had Richards here bring her to me. Though you would have loved it. Snuck right up to the good Admiral and he hadn't a clue. The looks were priceless." Chuckling to himself.

"Okay. So that's when they captured you. Nope they, asked me aboard cause I've a WK on my ship. Then we had a holographic visitor stating he was with Section 31 and ol Tyrus had him watching us but we also had the rogue group watching us and....." A growl from JoJo shut him up.

"Rear Admiral Richards is this true?" Tre asked not asking Josette cause he knew she'd tell him to mind his own. That was the point. He was Director of Intelligence. and nothing had been told to him while he was meeting with Gallant and away from his office. "Were you stealth when you left here?" A bit sternly.

"Indeed I was. Both me and Admiral Garafin had a suspicion and she had the lead and I had the means. We followed her lead and this is where we are now." Kilam said looking at the intelligence officer.

"Damn it. Admiral Garafin, Mom you've got to stop putting yourself and others in danger...." Tre started

"Stop right there Mr. Cole." Josette said holding her hand up. Though I birthed you, I am still the Senior Officer and I will write you up for insubordination, if you keep that tone." Stepping out of the lift and headed towards the place Tre had left earlier and she knew He liked to hide so to speak. "We did as Mr. Richards said and on my orders I'll deal with it when it arises. Now be a good boy and go to your office and do a search on the Echelon Five Nebula as we understand there are a good deal of the enemy waiting there for a mistake to happen. We've been told due to the Fissure that the Enterprise G made, Kaiser has been slipping in his armada, planning on taking the whole section over. Max go with him he can watch you, Mr. Richards and I will deal with Gallant.

Tre was angry, but it was an order, taking a hold of his dad's sleeve they left, both starting a heated argument about women.

"So, what are you planning here Josette?" Kilam asked looking at the woman.

Josette looked up to Kilam. "My Plans? Besides kicking Tyrus in the butt, I'm going to demand answers and what the hell we are planning to do about all of this. I am tired of losing Senior personnel, I'm tired with the I don't give a dam attitude,. You people lost a good damn CinC and why? Neral was one of the best things this station had and due to what, I don't know, but she is gone, murdered. You and I just had our close call. What of the other ships and top Admiralty like Julie Waters and Samuel DeScott. Who is next to die and this bloody station WILL NOT COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER!" Josettte ended loudly.

Shaking her head she moved past Kilam and with determination in her step she headed to the door where she knew Tyrus hid. Reaching the door and not seeing Tyrus' special guard Tarsus about she pounded on the door. "Gallant! I know you are inthere We, Rear Admiral Richards and I need answers and WE NEED THEM NOW! We damn near were just taken out and you know why!"

The door opened and the barrel of Gallant's specially designed KT-V high powered mass driver bolt pistol, was visible pointed directly at Garafin,

"You were damn near taken out because you didn't listen to me!" Tyrus shouted, "We are fighting a war against a man who isn't afraid to murder anyone here, a man who has already tried, who has signed a deal with the greatest evil comprehensible. I have worked closely with Admiral DeScott to counter this plan, and we even anticipated Nerals unpredictability, but now that you've run though here swearing up and down, you could have revealed that we have a plan to any of Kaiser's men," Tyrus stepped into the light, his weapon hummed lightly, the magnetic fields spun the bolt at extremely high speeds, all it needed was a light squeeze of the trigger and the lethal bolt would shred anyone in front of it.

"Even in military discipline, it is not your place to question your superior officer," Gallant growled, slowly walking forward, "Tell me, why the hell would I hand over insanely vitally sensitive information to someone who showed up barely a day ago?"

Kilam stepped in front of Josette. "How about me then Tyrus." He said standing his ground. "Right now I trust this woman more than I have ever trusted you. Be damned with the consequences I am taking a stance. Josette didn't do this alone. She had my backing the entire way." Kilam said watching the moves of the man before him carefully.

"Which totally binds you to my trust," Gallant's words dripped sarcasm, "President Wolf and Admiral DeScott gave me one mission; Destroy Kaiser. And I will not let my friends die in vain, I will not allow you to stand in the way of this."

Josette was hot now and stepped around Kilam the barrel now just inches from her. "Go ahead Tyrus shoot me. Maybe that would be best for all of us. I was sent here as a mole, but there is no need for that because the one who sent me is gone. Dead. She had doubts about her staff and now I see why." Stepping closer now so that there was just a fraction of an inch between her and the barrel.

"Yes Jules sent me in but nothing matters anymore does it. So go ahead and kill me and be done with it. But know this Gallant if you don't trust those who care and are standing here before you including Sam and Julie and would give their life to this fleet then you may as well have that WK that is in your flight deck and detonated and wipe out this whole station and then no one wins. The choice is yours and yours alone. Im through!!" Daring him to do so. She didn't give a damn anymore.

Kilam placed his hand on Josette's shoulder. "Tyrus, you are not the only member of this Admiralty board still around. I'm still here. I've been here since before you were here. Back when it was still DeScott in recognized command. All the while I have been placed on the back burner. I was always the last one told about anything and I played the part that I was due. If you plan on shooting then I recommend you do it to kill and in a single shot. I may not be quite as good as DeScott was but I assure you I still have a few tricks up my sleeve." Kilam said glaring at Tyrus.

Tyrus lowered the weapon, his eyes wide, "Forgive me Kilam, I understand what you're saying, but..." He turned to Josette, "Did you just say there was a World Killer device on this station?"

"I did. Somehow the rogue pirate Maximilian Cole, Captain Tre Cole's father managed to obtain it. We had to bring him, his crew and his ship back with us because we were being watched in Echelon Fives space. Why?" Josette asked, cooking her head.

Tyrus' face went pale "You brought a weapon of mass destruction here, the most dangerous device ever built, more lethal then every single weapon in this complex combined." His voice was cold and terrified, "And you brought it here, the place that is filled with enemy spies, I can only assume you don't know that the shielding on every produced model of the WK was already too thin to contain the K-band radiation, which decays the trigger mechanism's shielding, and makes it highly susceptible to remote detonation if a focused occilating subspace signal intersects the detonator, meaning this planet shattering bomb can be set off by a suicide bomber in the heart of this complex because you brought it here!" The gun was raised again, bolt humming inside it,

"Wait. Not intentionally and I had no idea what it can/could do." Again daring him to shoot her, she'd gotten tired of having weapons pointed at her by Tyrus since she got there. "I am sure we can get Maxx to take it out of here and send him on his way., no one the wiser if we keep it hushed." Looking to Kilam for some help. "Damn it Gallant stop pointing that at me unless you intend to use it. I. Am. Not. The. Enemy!" Punctuating each word.

Suddenly the room seemed to chill more than normal. Damn it Tyrus, stop acting a child and listen. You all need to take the bull by the horns and meet Kaiser head on and play the game as he would. Neral's voice was heard then a faded apparition appeared.

tbc on Part II


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