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Falling Apart

Posted on Tue Jun 28th, 2016 @ 12:33pm by

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Council Offices on Anchorage

Ro had heard of the meeting that went on with the top brass and the argument with Sam and Julie Waters when they both left. She still was trying to fathom why Sam went rogue, but then with him and the DeScott temperament anything was possible. Hell she was even proven to show it now and then and she wasn't even blood.

She was glad Cynthia let her remain on Anchorage and deal with courts etc there so that she could be in better contact with her family, what little time they gave her. At least James would let her know what was going on with Luke at the Academy.

She had contacted the Draconian, Luke's significant other, once and asked that he keep her informed of her youngest child, but those contacts have been few and far between, but then any news was better than nothing.

Now she was concerned that Alex was presumed dead, or so she though until she received word that he lived and was currently on the Diablos.

"What is this family coming too. Was this Syot's plan all along to pit all DeScott's against other. Blood against blood. Am I the only rational one to see this, is it because I am only related by marriage." Shaking her head

Moving to the window she looked out where the last known position of Sam's ship the Enterprise had been. "What are you doing, what are you thinking. Know this, all of you DeScott's. He is winning and all of you are too stupid to see it. Hear me now as I know I've connected to all of you telepathically for the twenty plus years I've been in this family. Think of what is happening. Syot's is pitting blood against blood. Realize it before it's too late."

"Ma'am your needed in the Courtroom." A young bailiff said from the door.

"Yes, yes." Turning and walked out and prayed once of the family heard her


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