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Farewell My Friends

Posted on Mon Jul 18th, 2016 @ 12:28pm by

Mission: The King, The Director, and The Admiral
Location: Flight Deck Magellan's Private Office
Timeline: Current

Drake had never been himself since the death of Holden and Warchild. It seemed that whom ever he became friends with either just disappeared from his life for no reason or was killed.

He had recently found himself no longer sober most times, he could still fly like no to morrow and his decisions were coming more impaired and as he sat in his office this late eve once thing came to mind, question what would be best. Walk away or end it.

He'd been sitting with three things on his desk and none of them had been touched in several hours. Glancing out the window at the mostly darken bay he looked to his ship, recalling the day he had been tested in wit and the fight that ensued once he realized what Holden had done.

From that point forward until Holden left to take over the Academy that had a mutual understanding. Though they had not been close friends he still respected the man.

As his mind wandered he recalled getting the news from Yorba of the Enterprise that his sister Maria had been killed in battle. He was now the only one left in his family all the others were gone.

His eyes moved to a picture on his desk of him and his deceased wife shortly after they had wed. It was still a hard pill to swallow, that the good lord had decided her time on earth was done and he claimed her back leaving Drake nothing but an open shell. but he still had once unsolved death and that was of his brother here on Anchorage. He read the reports that he forfeited his life to same Jesse Andrew's, but there was something missing. something that was just in his grasp but he could never get his fingers on it.

Looking back to the items on his desk, he picked up the pen and signed his resignation papers and placed them in the envelope with Gallants name on it. Now he grabbed the weapon, an old Colt 45 and rose. tossing his pips on the desk and the badges and canting he had on his flight suit, he walked out of the office to his bird. and climbed in.

Laying the pistol in his lap he checked all the controls and fired up his bird. Turning off his communications. Then opening up the doors he flew out just as his Mechanic came running out of his office where he also bunked. Running to Drakes office he saw the letter and the note for him. "Damn you Drake I treated you like a son and this is what a get. You son of a bitch, suicide is not the answer.

Drake headed out to space and when he ran out of fuel he ended it.


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